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cheatdays commented on loretta's reply:

really!? wow thanks sooo much. i'll ask her. im honestly surprised at how helpful everyone is:) yarnphreak.. haha ok.

Sep 28th 2011
cheatdays asked a question:

dexa or bod pod in seattle?

does anyone know where i can get my body fat measured accurately near seattle/ bellevue or anywhere north of there?

Sep 28th 2011
Jun 17th 2011
Erika asked a question:

Stir fried veggies and corn starch?

I had lunch and asked the terriyaki place to avoid any sugar on sauces so they did on the meat , and my vegies did not have teriyaki sauce on them but did have a light glaze look and sauce on them...

Jun 16th 2011
cheatdays asked a question:

Salsa + Lentils will make you lady-gag gag ga!

This is not as much as a question, as it is a warning to everyone out there.. SALSA+Lentils will make you gaaagg gag gag. During my first week of the SCD i began suffering from gag reflexes during...

May 9th 2011

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