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Danielle Lanslots asked a question:

I think we're on the same page!

Hey! It's Danielle from the "hacking my stall" post. I figured I'd send a note to you directly because we're two of the same, it seems. How are things for you on 4hb? Things for me have...

Feb 9th 2013
Danielle Lanslots replied to Maria Rider's question:

Les Mills Pump & Slow Carbing - Does it work? How is LMP?

Hey! I just recently started following a "more exercise than recommended for slow carb" fitness regime because I really need it in my life for SO many reasons. I also am really looking t...

Feb 9th 2013

Hey! I totally didn't check the blog for these past two weeks. I'm so glad you posted because I did feel totally alone. To be perfectly honest, I ...

Feb 1st 2013
Danielle Lanslots replied to Tomhole's question:

Getting a gut?

I haven't done Occam's, but I believe Tim says that it's normal to gain fat during this time. I believe he says something like, "but you can always get rid of that." So if you go back to...

Jan 22nd 2013

Honestly, there really is no way to avoid actual vegetables if your goal is optimal health.

Jan 16th 2013

I totally agree with DSheehan. Cooking your veggies properly and with the right spices, and ghee, makes a world of a difference. By no means are y...

Jan 16th 2013

Hey! Great progress so far! It's smart to start simply, as you did, and now don't be afraid to start adding in some other veggies! Broccoli, cauli...

Jan 16th 2013
Danielle Lanslots asked a question:

ATTN WOMEN: water retention during mother nature's visit

Hi ladies! So I know the deal with avoiding the scale pre-menstruation and continuing the diet despite the ever-discouraging bloating. What I'm wondering is: does your body tend to retain a set ...

Jan 16th 2013
Danielle Lanslots replied to Shari Bayani's question:

5 lbs lost first week, 5 lbs gained cheat this normal?

Hey! Congrats on the progress! And YES this is totally normal! An increased intake in sugar and carbs on cheat day causeS water retention. Continue eating slow carb and by later this week you'll ...

Jan 14th 2013
Jan 13th 2013
Danielle Lanslots asked a question:

Ghee is AWESOME!

Recently made ghee and it rocks! It tastes so buttery and a little goes a long way. I love cooking kale (and veggies in general) with it. Add a bit of truffle salt and pepper and you've got yours...

Jan 12th 2013

I think that boredom is a prevalent cause of overeating and snacking on bad foods, which is why starting a new diet is more of a "lifestyle o...

Jan 12th 2013

Congrats on a great start- that is SO exciting! We love ground beef and ground pork (often cooked with lentils, onions, mushrooms, a slice of ba...

Jan 12th 2013

LOVE this guy! He is brilliant! Thanks a ton for sharing!

Jan 11th 2013
Jan 11th 2013
Danielle Lanslots asked a question:

Hacking My Stall

Hey all! So I haven't really posted anything before and instead have chosen to read about other people's experiences. But I want to share a story in case anyone else out there has felt defeated ...

Jan 11th 2013
chrissbrodeur blogged:

Hey! New Here!

Looking to slim up a bit for summer and to generally improve my health

Apr 17th 2012
newdad blogged:

Member intro: Excited but super busy new dad

Hey everybody! So just looking for advice, this forum seems really great. Thanks in advance.. I just read Tim's book on Friday and started getting going on SCD on Saturday because I really want...

Aug 27th 2011
newdad asked a question:

any advice for first binge day?

Can you really eat whatever you want? Or is it better to just eat normal portions of stuff you wish you could have, or is it really good to have more food (and bad food, french fries, etc) than n...

Aug 27th 2011

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