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Tyler Butler is doing a tutorial!

30-Day Six Pack Sprint: Before You Begin

Take the 30-day Six Pack Challenge and join members jackedup and Yes as they race to get ripped six pack abs. They are both around ~16% body fat an...

Jul 25th 2012
Merritt replied to Maria Rider's blog post:

Akane's Before/After Pictures :)

Hi, Im a recent member. Congrats to you! Really! I chose you to ask my followng questions to because of your success, I hope that is ok? Here's a little background... I fear that I should be cou...

May 21st 2012
Merritt was recruited into 4 Hour People by Minnesota!

Give a warm welcome to Merritt!

May 21st 2012
Merritt blogged:

Member intro: Merritt

Hi everyone, Thanks for having me. Have always been a late bloomer so i'm concerned that this forum has already ;seen it's day, as I know the book now is couple of years old? So rather than shar...

May 21st 2012
Merritt replied to dugmcgee's question:

Am I doing this right???

hi, From what I understand, within one hour of waking up you are to have and what Tim believes to be critical: 30grams of protein....that's equivalent to 5 eggs. In addition to that, you're suppos...

May 21st 2012
Merritt asked a question:

What's the scoop(s) on the cheat day ?

Hi, So that I feel better, as I just consumed an entire bag of choc. chip cookies, organic,,( had to throw that in there; i do have standards lol),would someone please explain why the cheat day i...

May 21st 2012
May 19th 2012
Merritt changed Merritt's photo!
May 19th 2012
davemoniz shared a tip:

automating meals and supplements

I'm an avid fan of four hour workweek. My business automatedsearches.com is a brain-child of the book. Since this diet is cooking and meal preparing intensive, I'd like to see a category for ...

Sep 14th 2011
davemoniz was recruited into 4 Hour People by Minnesota!

Give a warm welcome to davemoniz!

Sep 14th 2011
davemoniz blogged:

Member intro: I'm low fat and sugar free!

I started SCD and 4HB Feb 1, 2011. My goal is 10% or less bodyfat while maintaining muscle.

Sep 14th 2011
davemoniz changed davemoniz's photo!
Sep 13th 2011

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