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Lissym asked a question:

Help Please

I just finished my 21st week of the slow carb diet. I have gone from 201 lbs to 146 lbs. I have lost consistently every week, even if it was only a pound some weeks. This is my first week not losi...

Mar 10th 2012
Lissym commented on TeddySC's reply:

I guess everyone knows that works for them. I don't do well with programs that allow you to eat smaller portions of "junk food". It's ea...

Feb 25th 2012
Lissym asked a question:

Very happy with this diet

I have been following the slow carb diet for 19 weeks now. I am a 5'4 female and have gone from 201 lbs to 148 lbs. I am looking to still lose about 15 - 20lbs. I love food so the diet is restrict...

Feb 25th 2012
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Nov 11th 2011
Lissym blogged:


I just finished week three of the slow carb diet.

Nov 11th 2011

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