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Nov 26th 2015

Thank you very much for your response! :) As a matter of fact, I'm having a bit of a problem, I would like to do this training programs, however, I...

Oct 6th 2014
Fabian Schvartzman asked a question:

Starting second fat loss diet according to 4HB

Hi guys, I used 4 Hour Body method two years ago before my wedding to lose weight (stopped a little because of my honeymoon and then just continued eating junk :( ) Anyway, I want to go back to th...

Oct 3rd 2014
karina asked a question:

Cheat WEEK? help!!!

hey.. i cheated for a whole week!(friday,saturday,monday,thursday,wednesday,tuesday) actually 6 days !!! it wasnt planned or anything... i just lost it and felt like taking a break from this diet....

Jul 17th 2011
Dennis rozenberg asked a question:

How much repetitions I should make with abs?

How much repetitions I should make with 2 exercises for six-pack abs that total 6 minutes? from Tim Ferris Book "The 4-Hour Body". Thanks for advance, Tony

May 1st 2011

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