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Fantastic! Great work!

Jun 13th 2011
Andrea replied to LauraCox's question:

Getting great results? What's on your plate?

Thank you so much for this. Very helpful. I'm on my first week of the diet after quitting for awhile. I just got so sick of beans I couldn't stand it anymore. (And I like beans!) This time I've do...

May 23rd 2011
Andrea replied to justhamade's question:

100 days progress

Just want to add another AMAZING work! Congrats! Very motivating.

May 23rd 2011
Andrea replied to Cat34's question:

Slowish Carb Oatmeal ;)

This sounds good! I love almond milk and actually have Chia Seeds. I've been making a protein shake for breakfast with almond milk, but from what I've read protein powder really isn't good because...

May 23rd 2011

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