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Andrea McElaney replied to Tomhole's question:

First powerlifting meet this Saturday

Good luck! have fun! here is a quote i like for competitions “Practice, like you’ve never won Perform, like you’ve never lost”

May 14th 2014
Andrea McElaney replied to Pinky's tip:

subsitute for ketchup?

chopped herbs

Apr 25th 2014
Apr 23rd 2014
Andrea McElaney replied to Douglas Ackerman's question:

What's your Stake?

This year I’m hoping to get in the show ring again. My weight hasnt kept me away but just life in general. However, boots and breeches hide nothing especially if you are on the shorter side

Apr 23rd 2014

Hi Vasja. I was actually listening to a pod cast by Bulletproof Exec, his guest was a dr who specialized in women, dr sara gottfried. Her research ...

Apr 12th 2014
Andrea McElaney asked a question:

Body Image

I am in my journey and seeing results that I am thrilled with. I see results in the mirror and have been recieving positive feedback from friends and family. I am down 20+ lbs so I know there is m...

Apr 11th 2014
Andrea McElaney asked a question:

Variance in Weight Loss

Hi, I’ve been doing the life style for just about 3 months. I am happy with my results as well as I feel this will be a lifestyle change I can live with. Im down about 20lbs and inches. ...

Apr 11th 2014
Andrea McElaney replied to Patrick McCay's question:

Challenges with slow carb diet question

Good questions… i think some weeks are harder than others. For planning, i always buy a bag of spinach and cook a pack of chicken breast tenders somthey can be on hand for the week. i work i...

Mar 27th 2014
Andrea McElaney replied to squishysquid's question:

Has anyone used coconut with the SCD?

I’ve used it for cooking and enjoyed the flavor. i did not really love the mouth feel on the food. i do not think it had a huge imact on my weight loss either way. it is a good fat too use. ...

Mar 27th 2014
Andrea McElaney asked a question:

Join my DB get paid when you loose, it's fun, and very motivating for ppl like me

Hi, I’ve been participating in Diet Bet for a few months now and have found it fun and motivating, especially when I win money. How it works: you have 4 weeks to loose 4% of your starting ...

Mar 25th 2014
Andrea McElaney replied to Michael James's question:

Got any Good Crock Pot Recipes?

Lemon chicken, Brown chicken thighs Chopped onion Garlic Green olives about a cup of the big ones Artichoke hearts ( I used frozen or canned in water) Oregano Can of chickpeas 2Lemons Brow...

Feb 24th 2014

Sounds delicious

Feb 14th 2014
Feb 6th 2014
Andrea McElaney asked a question:

Work travel tips?

I've been on slow carb for a week and like how the program fits into my lifestyle and the weight loss so far. I travel regularly for work for 3-4 days at a time and my first trip is comming up. I ...

Jan 27th 2014
Andrea McElaney replied to sabrina ali's question:

Slow-carb dieting at work

I make a veggie frittata early in the week. I bring it to work and top w a handful of spinach and salsa. It's an easy breakfast

Jan 23rd 2014
Adena blogged:

Can I find success again?

About 5 years ago, I lost 90+ pounds on Atkins. I was committed to the Atkins/low-carb lifestyle. I still had a bit to lose, but was a "normal" size for the first time as a adult. I look...

Aug 12th 2011

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