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Hi Vasja. I was actually listening to a pod cast by Bulletproof Exec, his guest was a dr who specialized in women, dr sara gottfried. Her research ...

8 days ago
Andrea McElaney asked a question:

Body Image

I am in my journey and seeing results that I am thrilled with. I see results in the mirror and have been recieving positive feedback from friends and family. I am down 20+ lbs so I know there is m...

9 days ago
Andrea McElaney asked a question:

Variance in Weight Loss

Hi, I’ve been doing the life style for just about 3 months. I am happy with my results as well as I feel this will be a lifestyle change I can live with. Im down about 20lbs and inches. ...

9 days ago
Andrea McElaney replied to Patrick McCay's question:

Challenges with slow carb diet question

Good questions… i think some weeks are harder than others. For planning, i always buy a bag of spinach and cook a pack of chicken breast tenders somthey can be on hand for the week. i work i...

24 days ago
Andrea McElaney replied to squishysquid's question:

Has anyone used coconut with the SCD?

I’ve used it for cooking and enjoyed the flavor. i did not really love the mouth feel on the food. i do not think it had a huge imact on my weight loss either way. it is a good fat too use. ...

24 days ago
Andrea McElaney asked a question:

Join my DB get paid when you loose, it's fun, and very motivating for ppl like me

Hi, I’ve been participating in Diet Bet for a few months now and have found it fun and motivating, especially when I win money. How it works: you have 4 weeks to loose 4% of your starting ...

26 days ago
Andrea McElaney replied to Michael James's question:

Got any Good Crock Pot Recipes?

Lemon chicken, Brown chicken thighs Chopped onion Garlic Green olives about a cup of the big ones Artichoke hearts ( I used frozen or canned in water) Oregano Can of chickpeas 2Lemons Brow...

55 days ago

Sounds delicious

65 days ago
73 days ago
Andrea McElaney asked a question:

Work travel tips?

I've been on slow carb for a week and like how the program fits into my lifestyle and the weight loss so far. I travel regularly for work for 3-4 days at a time and my first trip is comming up. I ...

82 days ago
Andrea McElaney replied to sabrina ali's question:

Slow-carb dieting at work

I make a veggie frittata early in the week. I bring it to work and top w a handful of spinach and salsa. It's an easy breakfast

87 days ago
Adena was recruited into 4 Hour People by ceco!

Give a warm welcome to Adena!

Aug 12th 2011
Adena blogged:

Can I find success again?

About 5 years ago, I lost 90+ pounds on Atkins. I was committed to the Atkins/low-carb lifestyle. I still had a bit to lose, but was a "normal" size for the first time as a adult. I look...

Aug 12th 2011

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