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kymblie replied to Dana W's blog post:

One month of glory (and beans!)

That's awesome! Your beginning measurements are actually quite close to mine and I just started this week, so this is very encouraging. Keep up the great work!

Jan 3rd 2012
kymblie replied to Jake's blog post:

Aug - Jan: before and after (pics)

You're gorgeous! Keep up the good work! I am inspired by your legs.

Jan 3rd 2012
Jan 3rd 2012
kymblie blogged:

Hi, I'm Kimberly

Hey everyone, just wanted to say hi. I'm a mom and wife, and I've been teaching Zumba fitnessĀ® classes since 2007. Between teaching a lot of classes and adopting a clean, strict vegetarian diet, ...

Jan 2nd 2012
amysch asked a question:

Member intro: concerns, questions

I just started reading FHB yesterday.I have 3 questions/concerns: I am a little confused as to what foods are permitted on the Slow carb diet . I see the list on page 72, but then a few pages la...

Jul 21st 2011

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