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Thank you guys...big help...can I go and just order scarmbled eggs 4? Is tag enough information for restaurant?

Nov 27th 2012
sal sharma asked a question:

please review and help guys !!

please people can u help ..can u review the diet i am currently following.. am i on the right track? breakfast: omelette made of 3 eggs(no dairy) or unflavored protein shake of natures way (26g o...

Nov 26th 2012
sal sharma asked a question:

please help.. eggs !!

what is the best way to eat eggs? i am new to eggs. i m a vegetarian. what are egg whites? what to say when in a restaurant to get 30 g of proteins from eggs alone? how many eggs and prepared in w...

Nov 26th 2012
sal sharma asked a question:

feelin a big set back

hi guys.. today i was going through posts and came across one post which said tofu is restricted in this diet. since i m a vegetarian and this diet requires eating large amount of proteins so i wa...

Nov 26th 2012
sal sharma asked a question:

Thank you SCD rock stars

Hi guys thank you so much for such response.i m over whelmed. I did read the book. I was very nervous what to ask and will anyone really care to reply but all of u champions I would like t...

Nov 25th 2012
sal sharma asked a question:

starting SCD

hi guys..i m thinking of starting SCD my concern is i have been on atkins since long that too on first phase of atkins that is induction.i m not sure how to switch from that 20 net carb limit a da...

Nov 23rd 2012

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