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Amanda O'Brien is doing a tutorial!

Burn 300 calories in 20 mins: Home Bootcamp

This challenge is part of a series of workouts you can use to burn 300 calories in just 20 minutes. No more 'I don't have time to workout' excuses!...

Oct 4th 2012
salvor was recruited into 4 Hour People by Minnesota!

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May 11th 2012
salvor blogged:

Still experimenting

A 30yr math phd student looking to alter sugar and carb habits formed over life time. Never been overly big before, but I haven't been thin since my raver days over a decade ago. I'm in the secon...

May 11th 2012
comer commented on s joshua's reply:

That clarifies it! Thanks a lot! :)

May 9th 2011
comer asked a question:

not clear: how much garlic/allicin

Hi, The book says in PAGG section "Garlic extract: 200 mg". And regiment as AGGx3, PAGGx1. So are those 200mg per intake or per day? Is it 200mg extract or allicin equivalent? Extracts ...

May 9th 2011

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