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Ryan Hacker replied to Dmayoff Mayoff's question:

Pigeon Peas

They are great !!! I do mine with some adobo and hot sauce!!!!

Mar 13th 2013
Ryan Hacker commented on wombat's reply:

check out andy has a great site on all thing leangains and IF

Mar 13th 2013
Ryan Hacker asked a question:

missed reps on Effortless Superhuman

Hi All, I've been doing ESH for bout a month and just missed my 1st top set rep on bench press. I've been getting 3 and i just got 2. . I continued on with the rest of the workout fine a...

Nov 18th 2011
Ryan Hacker commented on ajm422's reply:

I've been IFing for at least year now 5 to 6 days a week and have been able to maintain pretty well. I love eating 1000cal or more meals. I start...

Jul 10th 2011
Jul 9th 2011
Ryan Hacker commented on T-C's reply:

Thanks! Thats where I'm at now, can't get any colder with the shower!

Jun 17th 2011

i would start off with cold showers 1st. I've been doing them for about 2 weeks now 1 when i wake up and 1 before bed bout 5 mins each. Warm wate...

Jun 17th 2011
Ryan Hacker asked a question:

water temp

what temp should the water be for my showers? I'm currently running them about 58degreesF for 5min.

Jun 16th 2011
rhy asked a question:

I'm already getting tired of eating beans...

And it's my fourth day on the diet. I've been farting a lot too (no surprise there though). Anyone have tips on tastiest ways to prepare canned beans so that they don't taste like...canned beans? ...

Apr 21st 2011

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