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elryc commented on Minnesota's reply:

Been a while since I logged in, I got caught up moving to a new state and starting grad school, but have stuck with the SCD through that time. I'...

Sep 10th 2011
elryc replied to yarnphreak's question:

How to NOT look muscular?

I am by no means an expert, but oddly enough I was just reading a section in the book on this yesterday. Have you read / tried the exercises on page 179 (six-minute abs chapter)? Obviously mil...

Sep 4th 2011
elryc asked a question:

Second week stalling

Day 1 weight 206 Day 7 weight 200 Day 14 weight 201 Increase of 1.2 lbs in the last week Increased .3% body fat As far as adherence to the rules, I think I have done pretty well: Eat (20-30g of...

Aug 11th 2011
elryc blogged:

Ending the neverending cycle

I'm 35, when I was 26 I weighed 250 lbs, and through a strict calorie reduction diet, zero no processed sugar or carbs I got myself down to 200 in about 4 months. Since then I have bounced aroun...

Aug 11th 2011

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