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kaytea commented on chrisg's reply:

Sleep is good. I've been doing 30 min cardio 2-3x per week and kettle bells 3x per week in AM, different times than cardio. light kettle bells, li...

Feb 12th 2013
kaytea commented on chrisg's reply:

For lunch I eat typically beans and a protein (the innards of fish or chicken taco no dairy) For dinner not really a routine but beans and prote...

Feb 12th 2013
kaytea commented on chrisg's reply:

I've never done body measurements. But I just kind of stopped lifting (light) weights on regular basis in Dec as well, so I should be losing muscl...

Feb 12th 2013
kaytea asked a question:

Long term problems with yo-yo-ing this diet? Anyone else in this boat?

10 WEEKS WITH LITTLE TO NO WEIGHT LOSS! : ( I have been doing this since 8/21/11 in 2011 I lost 9 lbs in 9 weeks. I was thrilled. That's about all I wanted to lose. I kept weight off and when...

Feb 12th 2013
Feb 9th 2013

Yay! Thanks. Muffin eggs are easy. I don't do microwave, cause we don't have one but I put them in some tinfoil and warm them up while I do some k...

Feb 9th 2013
kaytea asked a question:

Easy Breakfast?

omg. cooking eggs and beans in the AM is really difficult. Esp if one's supposed to choke them down 30 min into the day. Anyone find easy way to get all that protein into your tummy without &quo...

Feb 6th 2013
kaytea asked a question:

6 months then gain weight???

Ok, I've been doing this for like 6 months! And I've lost 11 lbs and kept it off. Then all of a sudden I gain back 6 lbs and now have kept that on for a week and doesn't seem to go away... Eating ...

Apr 26th 2012

sometimes I use Tahini as creamy substitute for thing like that

Feb 9th 2012
kaytea replied to Kaitlyn329's question:

Did I find a SC Friendly Canned Soup???

I eat Amy's Lentil. And lentil soups that I get at Greek restaurant and don't gain weight. I also eat a ton of these pre-made Indian food packages (the ones withour potatoes and cheeses and things...

Feb 1st 2012
Dec 13th 2011

I agree with mlastusky on the wine. This has solved dessert for me. And I now don't need to do it more than about once a week. OR Sometimes I eat ...

Dec 13th 2011
kaytea commented on Britt's reply:

Try with Tahini. Yummy.

Dec 13th 2011
kaytea replied to 42Wired's blog post:

Most Awesome Cheat Day Ever

yesterday I ate: Vanilla Ice Late, Doughnut hole glazed with frosting of some crazy kind (Starbucks) Subway Tuna 6", Chips Beer, Sangria Chocolate 3 Pieces of Pizza AND I'm down almost 10l...

Nov 6th 2011
kaytea asked a question:

Vietnam and Thailand

Going on vacation to Vietnam and Thailand. What can I eat over there? Suggestions?

Oct 14th 2011
kaytea commented on Arelleth's reply:

A little more than a month in, and I can now watch someone eat cake and french bread without flinching. 8lbs down, so excited.

Sep 25th 2011
kaytea replied to NatalieGS's question:

Indian food

I've been eating a LOT of Indian packaged food that comes in a bag from Whole Foods/Henry's/Trader Joes (the kinds with approved ingredients). It's really good, hearty, and I seem to lose weight e...

Sep 5th 2011
kaytea asked a question:

Too much sodium?

I'm sure there must be a post/page on this, and my book is sitting right on the floor in front of me, but I also heard there were new studies on sodium in the news very recently, and I wanted to a...

Sep 5th 2011
kaytea replied to iamwhimsical's question:

Are Vegetable Chips Allowed?

When I first started I ate these exact veggie chips from Whole Foods all the time. They saved me from quitting, so I greatful for them, BUT when I cut them out, I lost 2x as much as when I kept th...

Sep 5th 2011
kaytea commented on mjfromca's reply:

sfowl, I also did diet for about a month and only lost 3 lbs. I was just doing small things wrong, and when I changed I started loosing weight dai...

Sep 2nd 2011
kaytea replied to tiffnjo's question:

Kombucha drink

I was drinking Kombucha daily and not seeing much change either. Yesterday I went without (for the first time) and lost 1 lb. instantly (this morning's weight). Exact same diet, skipped the Kombuc...

Sep 1st 2011
kaytea blogged:

Member intro: Getting serious

I became "the chubby girl" at about age 16 when I began to eat a lot--over eat a lot. And overeat a lot of starchy carbs, potatoes, bagels and cream cheese, french bread. When I am eatin...

Sep 1st 2011

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