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I just wanted to thank Mr Ferriss for becoming the Human guinea pig needed to convince me this was worth the effort. I had seen similar diets discussed by "diet gurus" over the years, bu...

Jul 16th 2011

I neglected to measure at the beginning of the diet, which I regret as I'm seeing marginal weight loss but my clothes are looser. Given what you'v...

May 24th 2011

Ahh, I should also add that I have a couple of cans of diet coke a day although I'm considering eliminating that.

May 24th 2011
4houralex asked a question:

3 week progress - would love feedback

Hi all, I've just finished my 3rd week on SCD and I'm down around 10lbs from 232lbs. My goal is 200lbs. Foolishly, I didn't take measurements when I started but I've already had to cinch my belt i...

May 24th 2011

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