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jiyosub commented on Rano_pano's reply:

When I did atkins, I dropped heaps of weight and diary was all in. Makes me wonder why off the slow carb still. That died worked well. Maybe it i...

May 13th 2011
jiyosub asked a question:

Lactose Free Milk

If lactose is the main reason why diary is out of SCD and Occams, what about subbing lactose free milk? In Australia we don't have access to modern products such as Almond Milk, Egg Whites, Soap,...

May 11th 2011
jiyosub asked a question:

Occams and Fat %

I've recently lost 22kg over the last year. I am really enjoying my new fitness level and run avidly including marathons now. My DEXA scan shows my body fat % at 20%, which is on the upper end ...

May 5th 2011
jiyosub asked a question:

Starting Tuesday

I am starting Tuesday on a modified Occams protocol to build out some lean muscle mass. I'm tracking all of my stats on my own blog ( I have everything planned out startin...

May 4th 2011
jiyosub asked a question:

Occams and Running

I am an avid runner and enjoy 60-70K per week of it. Additionally I like to do a race once a month. I want to start Occams to put some muscle mass on my upper body. Should I alter the protocol ...

May 4th 2011

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