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Mar 6th 2012
Kmarp replied to seoulfully's question:

What are quick, easy and cheap sources of protein?

Jennie-o turkey breast cutlets are great for morning protein. 26 g protein on 1&1/2 cutlets. Add one egg and that alone is over 30 grams.C

Mar 5th 2012
Kmarp commented on Jake's reply:

Yes but just a women's multivitamin

Mar 3rd 2012
Mar 3rd 2012
Kmarp replied to ericaishere's question:

am i going to lose?

I really think the Splenda needs to go. The book suggested stevia. Try that, also diet soda has that same issue, aspirtaine. Creamer should be avoided too. I know!!! What!! I'm a nurse on ni...

Mar 3rd 2012
Chelly asked a question:

what veggies can u eat on the scd?

Is there a list of of the foods u can have on the scd somewhere? Almost through week one and dying to see my #'s but I am getting tired of eggs? Help!

Mar 2nd 2012
Mar 2nd 2012
Chelly blogged:

Member intro: chelly

My husband got this book and found much success and I am on boad with it now. He lost 20 lbs in 2 months, this is day 5 for me. I am excited 2 see my results. I do not have much weight to lose bu...

Mar 2nd 2012
Kmarp asked a question:

Getting 30 grams in 30 minutes

I am having a hard time getting the 30 gram total in the morning. For one, I get nauseated eating this soon after waking (still sticking to it though). Any suggestions what I can eat?? Right now I...

Mar 2nd 2012
Kmarp commented on Maria Rider's reply:

Great response akane

Mar 2nd 2012
Mar 2nd 2012
Kmarp commented on Charley's reply:

Thanks for the welcome!!! I'm real excited that I found this forum and look forward to all the new info. I'm already learning so much. I've been...

Mar 2nd 2012
Kmarp replied to Rodrigo Flamenco's blog post:

This is what happens after cheat day

Wow this is incredible. More importantly sad

Mar 1st 2012
Kmarp blogged:

Member intro: willow

31yr old. Cardiovascularly in shape but thick from having my two beautiful kiddos. Trying to loose that last extra 20 lbs is tough. Started the 4hour body last Monday with my husband. So far, h...

Mar 1st 2012

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