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mandafigs replied to meyerolivia's question:

What was the biggest mistake you made while on the slow carb diet?

Working out and/or lifting too much. Both things were creating issues. Working out too much made me far hungrier and more likely to over eat domino food. Lifting too much made me more muscular th...

Aug 9th 2013
JoeScro asked a question:

Combining Supplements?

I started the SCD and PAGG supplements about three week ago and haven't seen much weight lose. Would it be ok to incorporate CLA with my daily PAGG and Cissis on Cheat day? I have about 10-15 lbs ...

Jun 16th 2011
mandafigs asked a question:

Cheat Day Damage Control Routine

I've been on SCD for about a month and things are going well. Given that I felt absolutely awful after my last cheat day, and that I gain 2lbs that are still hanging around, I've decided to enlist...

May 13th 2011
mandafigs commented on candacey's reply:

I carry almost all my weight in my lower body, and even when I've had a super flat stomach, and low body weight, the cellulite persisted. I've star...

May 5th 2011

I read taking flax seed before/after workouts (around 3/4 for me) was not advised, but it also shouldn't be taken early in the morning. So that kin...

May 3rd 2011

It may be natural sugar in balsamic, and technically may be okay. But the sugars in fruits are natural as well, and we're still advised to avoid it...

May 3rd 2011
mandafigs asked a question:

Daily Calorie Intake and Activity Level

I'm wondering if my calorie intake is too low for my activity level AND if I'd be better off working out less rather than taking in more calories. Also, is my excessive serving to burn fat or make...

Apr 21st 2011

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