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Jul 9th 2013
RumRunner replied to Tomhole's question:

15 July: Mark the Date

I've been so excited for this. We made a Twinkie clone in school, but it wasn't the same. Not even close. Thanks for the reminder!

Jul 9th 2013
RumRunner asked a question:

Sweet cheat day tomorrow!

I was planning on having a pretty boring cheat day tomorrow. I had just enough bread flour to make some baguettes, maybe have some fried chicken with it (breaded, of course), and no options for s...

Jul 9th 2013
RumRunner replied to Tomhole's question:

Awesome cheat day: 5,997 calories

Damn. That is mind numbing. I thought my waffles for breakfast, liter of cola through the day, sloppy joes for lunch, fish sticks, and cupcakes were bad. And Milk Duds for a snack. It seems li...

Jul 3rd 2013

Michie, sometimes I get absolutely sick of beans. I switch back and forth between lentils and black beans each week to combat this, but I also ke...

Jul 3rd 2013
Jul 3rd 2013
RumRunner commented on s joshua's reply:

I recently discovered broccoli slaw mix at Winco. It's a good size bag for the price, and you're supposed to add mayo, but I just throw it into a...

Jul 2nd 2013
RumRunner replied to Smithar Raghunathan's question:

Switching from Sunday to Saturday

My cheat day has been Thursday for a long time. It's my pay day, and I take advantage of it by buying the stuff to make some of my favorite foods. I went to school for baking and pastry arts, an...

Jul 2nd 2013
RumRunner replied to Dylan Tomlinson's question:

What food is your secret weapon on the SCD?

My secret weapon is grilled chicken. I cook a bag of frozen tenderloins on the grill with a bit of Creole seasoning on them. The flavor of grilled chicken is enough to make me move past my usual...

Jul 2nd 2013
May 10th 2013
Janet Matzke is doing a tutorial!

Burn 300 calories in 20 mins: Home Bootcamp

This challenge is part of a series of workouts you can use to burn 300 calories in just 20 minutes. No more 'I don't have time to workout' excuses!...

Dec 9th 2012
RumRunner changed RumRunner's photo!
Sep 8th 2012
Titan.King asked a question:

Is Propel or Vitamin Water Zero allowed in Moderation?

Just as the title says. My wife and I have been doing the SCD for 2 1/2 weeks and have seen noticable results but she swears up and down its fine because it doesn't have sugar or carbs in it. Also...

Jun 29th 2011
Titan.King commented on Titan.King's profile:

Day 17. Feeling great, looking forward to being weighed in tomorrow. Have a PT test as well. Should be interesting to see how much I have improv...

Jun 28th 2011

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