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LizMir commented on Minnie Mi's reply:

I fry them in a little bit of olive oil, so it shouldn't matter to whether it holds or not, as long as they're not sticking to the pan. The spinac...

Jul 5th 2013
LizMir commented on Pinky's reply:

It makes about 6 nice-sized cakes. Two servings, unless you're really hungry!

Aug 25th 2012
LizMir commented on kannett's reply:

I just use enough oil so that they don't stick and they brown a bit-- depends on how many I'm making. It's just a matter of preference beyond that...

Jun 30th 2012
ikillez blogged:

Member intro: Doing Occam's Protocol

Around 151lbs, roughly 10-15% Bodyfat, Doing Occam's Protocol with the diet and supplement regiment.

Mar 30th 2012
LPC119 asked a question:

What's your take on my cholesterol?

Greetings fellow 4HB enthusiasts, So after 2 solid months of 4HB, and 3 months on and off, I finally had some blood work done, and I wanted to get some feedback on my results. My total choleste...

Feb 5th 2012
LPC119 blogged:


Growing up, diet and exercise was never an issue of great importance in my household. While obesity was never an issue, neither was staying fit. In essence, we are your typical American family. ...

Feb 5th 2012
riotsauce replied to kevinmccarthy's question:

8+ Months (Advice Needed)

The biggest piece of advice I can give is to implement one thing at a time. Start up SCD for a week (or even two) and then start training kettle-bells or whatever the next step is for you. I think...

Jan 26th 2012
riotsauce replied to PerspectiveSourceD's question:

A good motto I came up with. Can anyone think of similar things in better contexts?

We have a very simple one from the Thai Boxing Association of the USA: "Keep going." ~ Ajarn Chai

Jan 17th 2012
riotsauce commented on 42Wired's reply:

Muscle is muscle and fat is fat. What I mean by that is they are two separate entities. You could have someone who is 200lbs with 20% body fat or ...

Jan 11th 2012
riotsauce replied to Richey Magee's question:

Best food to take before workout

It really is all personal preference. I know some people that like to run/lift right out of bed without any food in their system. Others like to wolf down a massive sandwich or pasta. If you are f...

Jan 10th 2012
riotsauce replied to rich_creamer's question:

2-week results

AWESOME! Keep going fren!

Jan 9th 2012
riotsauce replied to Dominique Martin's question:

How long should I rest?

Ideally you need to at least have a day's rest in between workouts unless you are working upper and lower body on separate days. Example: Chest and Arms on Monday, Legs and Back on Tuesday. Stretc...

Jan 9th 2012

I would try to make the transition to free-weights-- They encourage natural motion-- Machines severely restrict your range of motion and can actua...

Jan 9th 2012
riotsauce shared a tip:

Simply Slow Carb

I started writing this as a recipe however it turned into a small cooking guide so to speak. I feel that although simplicity is absolutely key to SCD, a lot of it is very complicated. We see recip...

Jan 5th 2012
riotsauce replied to Infinity's question:

4 Week Results ...

Do you do the machine options or the free-weight options?

Jan 5th 2012
riotsauce replied to michhola's question:

Are these results good?

I'd take a 2% BF lost per week. Not only did you lose weight but since you have your BF numbers, you've actually lost ~2lbs of solid fat. Usually you lose a lot of muscle as well with traditional ...

Dec 12th 2011
riotsauce replied to TNT2029's question:

New to 4HB Book, Need Serious Help!

You need to eat legumes and lots of them. IMO don't worry about eggs v egg whites. Just eat the damn things! Since you have a considerable gap between breakfast and lunch, maybe a handful of almon...

Dec 12th 2011
riotsauce replied to susiecc's question:

Not losing weight - just under 4mths

Describe your Kettle bell workout. Also, I would suggest lifting. See if a local gym offers personal training and get 1 or 2 sessions in to learn proper form. Really simple-- Squat, Bench, and Pul...

Dec 12th 2011
riotsauce replied to keithmattg's question:

Blasted Safety Drain!

Walmart has massive heavy duty garbage cans. I'm 6'0 and can fit inside so that's what I would recommend!

Dec 12th 2011
riotsauce replied to fabuloso's question:


I felt that Tim said he started with 53 lbs, and just increased the amount of reps, rather than weight. FYI-- Kettle bells are decently cheap online but they absolutely murder you with shipping c...

Dec 12th 2011
LizMir asked a question:

Back to college, back to starting weight

I've found it extremely difficult to stick to the SCD here at school without a kitchen, especially with my hectic schedule. I started the diet in the summer, cooking all of my own meals and bein...

Oct 14th 2011
LizMir asked a question:

Back to college, back to starting weight

I've found it extremely difficult to stick to the SCD here at school without a kitchen, especially with my hectic schedule. I started the diet in the summer, cooking all of my own meals and bein...

Oct 14th 2011
riotsauce replied to natalie_bernadette's question:

Is it normal to feel bloated?

The legumes might be causing some digestion hiccups such as gas build up, etc. Try subbing out less legumes for a considerable increase in meat / veggies. It won't simply be a 1:1 ratio-- make sur...

Sep 14th 2011
riotsauce replied to natalie_bernadette's question:

Greek Yogurt?

'Tis dairy so as per the SCD, no.

Sep 14th 2011
riotsauce replied to angi465's blog post:
Sep 11th 2011
LizMir commented on MagicMan's reply:

I wouldn't use lentils for this recipe. There are so few ingredients that a it's more than just a textural difference. I'd stick with other variet...

Sep 4th 2011
LizMir commented on JoyMc's reply:

It was actually new clothing, made for exercise. Maybe that did play a hand in it. Thank you.

Aug 30th 2011
LizMir asked a question:

Hives after running?

I ran today for the first time in a while. As soon as I got home, my scalp began to itch, as well as my arm pits and torso where my clothing had been. The hives were HUGE, and it spread to my enti...

Aug 28th 2011
LizMir replied to Gretchen Linden's question:

TIP: Vegetarian/pescatarian SCD meal on the road

The first ingredient in the red sauce at Taco Bell is modified corn starch, the second is maltodextrin. Here's a full list of the ingredients in everything on Taco Bell's menu.

Aug 25th 2011

Make sure you take a day off in between this. We are working over 60% of your muscles and you won't do them any good by beating them to a pulp. Tr...

Aug 22nd 2011

I would recommend going as free weight as possible, even though you mentioned being afraid of hurting yourself. Squat with a bar, dumbbell bench p...

Aug 22nd 2011

Now as far as your lifting routine is concerned, lemme recommend a regiment and maybe you can try it for at least a month and see how it goes. Rea...

Aug 22nd 2011

I use Gold Standard Casein (it was on special at GNC In terms of your work out, lemme propose a few changes and you can take from them what you w...

Aug 22nd 2011

Haha agreed. However when you are plating up dinners for wedding patrons at $100 a person, kinda nervous to risk the "More salt?" soluti...

Aug 18th 2011
riotsauce replied to joe4ta's question:

Do I weigh myself and advice on the last 10 Ibs

I personally don't weigh myself -- I'd opt to just hit SCD/training hard and check back in a few weeks (doing just that right now ) -- However you may wanna weigh yourself to see how your body han...

Aug 18th 2011
riotsauce replied to jsmith's question:

On SCD, but going to the gym, feeling tired

Welcome to the club bub! Nice numbers lost. I'm sorta in the same boat. I strength train and practice Muay Thai with running about 3-4 days per week while trying to follow SCD and I get pretty bea...

Aug 18th 2011
riotsauce replied to SlowCarbRachel's question:

4 wks in and only lost half an inch

Do you exercise at all?

Aug 18th 2011
LizMir commented on Vtine311's reply:

The red pepper beans sound delicious! I was hoping someone would get creative and post their variation

Aug 17th 2011
riotsauce replied to LizMir's blog post:
Aug 16th 2011
LizMir commented on Vtine311's reply:

Yeah, I'd say longer than you'd expect... I also made them pretty small. It gets easier as the pan gets hotter.

Aug 16th 2011
Aug 15th 2011
LizMir replied to DRW717's question:

Calorie Counting / Domino Foods

There is no calorie counting because it makes it a lot easier to stick to the diet. Eating only SCD foods will generally decrease a person's caloric intake significantly anyway. One person's domi...

Aug 15th 2011
LizMir shared a tip:

Simple Bean Cake Recipe: Feels like cheat day!

I made these this morning for breakfast, with a side of greens. They taste like potato pancakes and the onion gives them a nice bite. Ingredients: 1 can of beans, drained and rinsed (I used pin...

Aug 11th 2011
LizMir commented on JJJ's reply:

Yarnphreak, I've eaten almost an entire box of Reese's Puffs after dinner too. And you're totally not alone. Last cheat day, I started off right. ...

Aug 11th 2011

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