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Michael James replied to Douglas Ackerman's question:

What's your Stake?

Right before I started the diet, I used my phone to take pics of me from different angles. I had never seen what I looked like from the back, esp at such a high weight. Everytime I get discoura...

6 days ago
Michael James replied to Charx's question:

FirstDay occamsProtocol, eat as much as you can?

you can either eat more frequent smaller meals (less convenient) or eat bigger, less frequent meals (more prone to fat gain). his main point is to watch out for fat gain, best measured with your ...

12 days ago
Michael James replied to Charx's question:

How to add taste to Occams Protocol diet

I’ll normally use mccormick’s steak seasoning and some sriracha. Sriracha has a bit of sugar, so i’ll only use a little. Pepper and worchestershire are also helpful. The salt...

12 days ago
Michael James replied to Jorge Castillo's question:

Thoughts on two Cheat Days

i experimented with this very subject this week. Figured I wouldn’t be back in New Orleans any time soon, so figured might as well take an evening to indulge. I’m not 100% sure what...

16 days ago

also, congrats on staying on so long and doing so well.

16 days ago

If anything, that many beans will help muscle growth, if that's your goal. Unless there's some hidden sugary stuff in your beans, should be Ok.

30 days ago
Michael James replied to Johannes Hesse's question:

Newbie got a lot of questions.

Welcome… You will have some days of weight gain and weight loss. I try to look at fat mass (weight * body fat %). I use a scale, so it’s not 100% accurate, but I can see trends of ...

31 days ago
Michael James asked a question:

Occam's Protocol - Good for Burning Fat?

Hey all, Like quite a few people on here, I’ve started to see some fat gain. Admittedly, I’ve not gotten as stringent with Damage Control on cheat days. I haven’t had to up u...

32 days ago
Michael James replied to inspireme's question:

workout question

It'll be good to balance out the "cheating" with some exercise. You'll know by how you feel and how the scale is moving if you're doing it correctly. I've started adding exercise, and h...

39 days ago
Michael James replied to Luis Mejia's question:

I am thinking of quitting after doing this for over a year

What's your current exercise routine? The book says to find the balance between diet, supplements and exercise.

43 days ago
Michael James replied to mrmadskillz1's question:

Gaining weight 2 days after cheat day.

Best way I've found to prevent it is to do air squats and wall pushups every 90 minutes. While he recommends to save them for your biggest meals, I just do them consistently. I'm eating non-stop ...

47 days ago

I really wish I could eat all 6. The worst is when you get to full and it's only about 3 p.m. Do you wait to shake the feeling, or just keep on p...

55 days ago
Michael James shared a tip:

Ugh, got my Girl Scout Cookie delivery this morning

Well, only 5 days until I can eat them, but these 6 boxes are staring at me. Wondering if I'll hold out...

55 days ago
Michael James replied to Moses Ong's question:

Thinking of P90X3, would SCD eating pattern work?

You might be alright, but as you said, you may need more carbs. Start on just SCD, being sure to get your fair share of beans every day, and see if your lean mass starts to go down. If so, add c...

58 days ago
Michael James replied to Amy Cohen's question:

I stalled and lost my umph

I went through something similar when I reached a plateau. What helped me get back on track was simply to set a new goal. Instead of looking at body weight, I'm tracking my fat mass in a hopes o...

59 days ago
Michael James replied to Mindy Parmett Fiddler's question:

Come to a stall?

The predominant answer seems to be to add fitness training. I stalled about a month ago, and have been there since. I'm trying out the pre-hab chapter, then I plan to try out the "effortl...

64 days ago

Hopefully, I was reading something wrong. Would be good to see someone else have better success with the non-bean diet. As far as the fat gain, ...

66 days ago
Michael James asked a question:

Occam's Protocol, cut morning kettlebell?

Hey 4HPs, I am going to start OP tomorrow. This protocol is minimalist to the point where I had to not do any exercise for the past week. One of the protocol exercises is the kettlebell. Now, ...

69 days ago
Michael James replied to cnght's question:

Last Mile Questions

Hey, Not sure where you are body fat-wise, but I'm the same height and attempted the last mile with 20% body fat at 202 lbs. My weight loss slowed to a halt, so I tried it to see. After a week,...

69 days ago
Michael James replied to Jason Grasl's question:

bulleit bourbon is listed on allowable drink on 4 hr body pro app

I've been ok with red wines and all whiskeys I've tried. Although, in general, the lower I've gone in weight, the more sensitive I've been with weight gain. So, if I was going to have something,...

78 days ago
Michael James asked a question:

Falling off the Bosu

Does anybody use the Bosu? Everytime I try to do a crunch, I fall off while coming down. not sure how to stay on the whole way down. The only way I can stay on is to sit so my weight goes down ...

79 days ago
Michael James shared a tip:

Geek to Freak YouTube Playlist

Hey, I was having trouble accessing Tim's posted videos for geek to freak workouts, plus I wanted to get actual videos for the exercises that he only posted pictures of. Here's a youtube playlist...

87 days ago
Michael James replied to Robert Dempsey's question:

Eating when hungry vs. eating on a schedule

When do you find you feel hungry? Could you schedule meals at times so you don't get there? Eating at 3 p.m. helps me if I've eaten lunch around noon and won't have dinner til 6.

87 days ago

I'd say, on SCD, I had less than 50 g carbs a day, assuming 14 g from a serving of beans, 3x a day. My fat burn rate has followed the same trend ...

89 days ago
Michael James commented on G G's reply:

Thanks. I definitely do not need to get to such a low fat percentage, just trying to point out how long much longer it takes to burn fat as your f...

89 days ago
Michael James replied to Robert Dempsey's tip:

How To Keep Your Data Nerd Self From Freaking Out After Cheat Day

Looks very familiar... here's some thoughts on being a data nerd and keep track of your loss throughout the diet: inshapemike.blogspot.com. You can see I've deviated hard from my setpoint. I s...

89 days ago
Michael James replied to Caroline Ince's question:

Lemon water

Wonder if it has to do with citrus regulating blood sugar. I believe the book says to have lemon juice with meals for that reason.

89 days ago
Michael James shared a tip:

Onto the Last Mile... What I learned.

I've been on SCD since September, lost 50 lbs. Of those 50 lbs lost, 40 lbs were fat. I'm moving on to the "Last Mile" to help focus on fat burning. Here are a few surprising things I...

89 days ago

As far as I know, the beans, etc, won't cause too much weight gain. I'm sure there's a ceiling value, but pretty sure you won't reach it.

Jan 18th 2014
Michael James replied to Dreamer's question:

Can Spinach be totally replaced?

I'm sure you'll survive without them. As long as you're getting your nutrients, you'll be ok.

Jan 18th 2014
Michael James replied to Mindy Parmett Fiddler's question:

Weight fluctuations very frustrating

I'd say you're pretty new, so don't jump off the wagon. The hard part for me was just finding a diet. This one can be tough, but I think the cheat days make it bearable. As for weight loss, t...

Jan 18th 2014

Well, not 100% sure what happened. Just stuck to a lot of meat and veggies at the buffets, still am about 7 lbs above where I should be. Figured...

Dec 29th 2013
Michael James asked a question:

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays. Gonna try to stick to my guns tmrw. Not doing a cheat day until Saturday. We'll see how I fair...

Dec 25th 2013

Thanks for getting back so quick. I'm currently 207.7 and 22.5% fat. Assume 5-10 lbs weight loss in the next month, and then a little more Bc I ...

Dec 24th 2013
Michael James asked a question:

Any Decent Carbs to Have when Weight Lifting?

Hey all, In a month or so, I'm going to be transitioning from weight loss to muscle building. Very excited to take down another goal. I keep hearing people talk about needing to eat carbs so ...

Dec 24th 2013

That sounds awesome. I def need to get more adventurous in the kitchen.

Dec 22nd 2013
Michael James asked a question:

Got any Good Crock Pot Recipes?

Hey all, Decided to make a roast today in the crock pot. Meant to save some for tmrw, but it was too good, and now it's gone. Guess I'll count it as a mini-cheat day even tho it was all meat. ...

Dec 22nd 2013

Sounds better than just riding the exercise bike at the gym.

Dec 16th 2013
Michael James asked a question:

Starting to Yo-Yo?

This week was the second week in a row of weighing in at 213 lbs, then weighing out after a cheat day at 219. I had lost 40 lbs to get to the 213 lbs, so I think I might be getting to a balance p...

Dec 16th 2013
Michael James replied to Tomhole's question:

For those who have everything

I'd be scrred to be swinging those between my legs...

Dec 15th 2013
Michael James replied to Tal P's question:

Eating a snack before surfing

Do you get 30g protein when you wake up? I was feeling weak all day before I added a protein powder drink. I'm guessing you'll need some carbs after being out on your board for an hour or two. ...

Dec 15th 2013
Michael James replied to Sam B's question:

The longest I've ever eaten healthy (10 + 1C days)

I would reiterate that you're doing very well. I would also reiterate the difficulty of staying on it when you are sick. That's not the time you want to be worrying as much about SCD. Outside o...

Dec 13th 2013

Tangent to that, I downed a whole family-sized bag of oreos this last Saturday. Idk how I would ever go from that to a controlled, carb-counting ...

Dec 11th 2013
Michael James replied to saralbores's question:

Is the diet good for small weight loses?

I would say, combined with the right weight and cardio workout, you'll hit a good target. Your goal might be a bit aggressive, but worth a shot.

Dec 9th 2013

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