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Michael James shared a tip:

4 things you learn about long term weight loss

Found this from Facebook this morning. Number 3 was the most spot on for me. http://vitals.lifehacker.com/four-things-nobody-tells-you-about-suc…

16 days ago
Michael James replied to Dor Schneider Cavalero's question:

PAGG. Urgent, heading back to my military base tomorrow.

VitaminShoppe.com will have all of them. I’d also recommend getting some Yerba mate tea from Amazon. That seemed to be more helpful than the PAGG. Also, good luck Finding garlic that̵...

16 days ago
Michael James replied to Pooja CL's question:

Gaining weight not losing??

Currently in the same boat as you are. Started about the same time, and did have a few “cheat weeks” in 2014. And, have stalled out several times. Here are the two things that I...

17 days ago
Michael James replied to Christopher Nielsen's question:

Chicken instead of beans?

I have noticed a difference in fat burning when including beans versus just having other protein sources. Not sure if it’s just placebo effect, or some other factor. Anyhow, I try to incl...

39 days ago
Michael James replied to Josh's question:

A couple questions about "in moderation" foods

For hummus, I’ll have a 4-oz container once or twice a week, and that seems to be ok. Can’t speak for cottage cheese, tho. Peanut butter is my main “in moderation” food,...

45 days ago
Michael James replied to Madelyn Boudreaux's question:

Not getting 1200 calories / day

How hungry are you feeling during the day? The only times I question if I am not getting enough calories is if I feel hungry at about 4 in the afternoon. As long as you’re not getting hung...

46 days ago
Michael James replied to Danny McMillan's question:

Help With Progress - (Food and Weight Diary inc)

how epic are your cheat days? also, what body fat % are you at now?

57 days ago
Michael James replied to Josh's question:


just eggs and oil, right? can’t go wrong with that….

57 days ago

Sorry for the delay in responding. The sugar in your diet may act to combine with fatty acids from high fat foods. This will be converted to tri...

57 days ago

How’d your last cheat day work out? Still having issues?

69 days ago
Michael James replied to Anders Pedersen's question:

Too much tomato?

Anders, 1 kg of organic canned tomatoes (if equivalent to this brand http://caloriecount.about.com/calories-wegmans-organic-diced-canned-tomatoes-i416481) would be roughly 40g carbs, 23g of whic...

69 days ago
Michael James replied to Lisa Lord's question:

garcinia cambogia really work details review

Thanks for sharing… Any time I see the Dr. Oz name on something, it makes me take a step back. Here’s an article that gives a few counterpoints http://www.womenshealthmag.com/weight-...

69 days ago
Michael James replied to John Vandegrift's question:

Am i going through carb or sugar withdrawal?

Might want to check your blood sugar to be sure you’re not having any issues with glucose levels. Other than that, might just ride it out. You’re only a few days to a cheat day…...

73 days ago
Michael James replied to Phil Schroeder's question:

Brain fog or light headedness anyone?

I definitely had issues feeling woozy when standing, and I was in a fog for a while, but that was later on. Are you eating enough that you’re not finding yourself hungry?

73 days ago
Michael James shared a tip:

4 Hour Body Workout Reviews

I wrote this up for a friend of mine who was interested in gaining muscle on this plan, but hadn’t started yet. Also includes a section on creating a custom workout plan: http://inshapemi...

Dec 24th 2014
Michael James replied to Robert Solomon's question:

Questions on getting protein when waking up

The point of the protein in the morning is to curb hunger, keep insulin levels low, and allow the metabolism to keep going. Hunger slows metabolism to a crawl. I sometimes need to go to the bat...

Dec 24th 2014
Michael James asked a question:

Anyone else Experiment with Ice Water?

Anyone else Experiment with Ice Water? Instead of drinking chilled water from the fridge, I’ve found a much faster fat burning method freezing it overnight, and drinking the just-above free...

Nov 5th 2014
Michael James replied to Marina.Weible's question:

No results?

Well, you’re definitely an exercise animal. Not sure where your weight (or bf%) is currently. At higher weights, I was able to get away with more beef and pork. I’ve since had to c...

Oct 7th 2014
Michael James replied to Leigh Penzhorn's question:

Excercising after breakfast?

Over the summer, I was religious about timing protein in the morning to be sure I got 30g within 30 minutes of waking. I have very well fallen off of that, and haven’t seen any difference ...

Oct 7th 2014
Michael James replied to ALISHA.SOARES's question:

HELP!!! Alcohol on Cheat Days?!

Hope you’ve since figured this out. For me, having some drinks on cheat day is ok. Actually, since the very fact it’s liquid and takes up more room in my stomach, it has “help...

Sep 29th 2014
Michael James replied to Junhyuk Nam's question:

Cheat day question

7,000 calories can be ok, but it might need to be balanced by only eating lean meats such as chicken or fish during the rest of the week.

Sep 29th 2014

My goals have shifted quite a bit throughout this experiment. As of now, my goal is to see if I can burn fat to below a 20% body fat level while s...

Sep 29th 2014
Michael James shared a tip:

One Year On!

Hey all, Happy to say that Monday was my one year on SCD. To say it’s been easy wouldn’t be exactly factual. However, the simplicity of it, once you find your groove, is amazing. ...

Sep 18th 2014
Michael James replied to Dave Jolley's question:

Adjusting calories

You really just have to learn how your body responds to certain foods. In theory, you should be able to eat pound after pound of bacon and still be ok. In reality, depending on the quality of th...

Sep 18th 2014
Michael James replied to Claire Smith's question:

Mini Cheat OR NOT?

I’ve wondered that as well. I know cheese contains lactose, but it doesn’t show as having many carbs on the label. The only issue with cheese that I can see is it can be binding. ...

Sep 18th 2014
Michael James replied to Leigh Penzhorn's question:

Please urgently help...cheat day problems!!

It might just be the shock to the system of having the cheat day after going clean for a little while. Try your next cheat day without the AGG. Cheat day, for me, has been less about boosting ...

Aug 31st 2014

I use the cheapest protein powder at walmart. Most people say it's not nearly as effective as the more expensive brands, but it seems to work ok. ...

Aug 30th 2014
Michael James replied to Leigh Penzhorn's question:

Struggling with food?

You might also try just drinking 30g of protein in a protein shake when you wake up. I do that, and also cook up some beans and veggies to eat for breakfast once I get to work. You really do wa...

Aug 28th 2014
Michael James shared a tip:


Recent victim of Pizza On A Non-Cheat Day…. Don’t think I’ll be stepping on a scale for a few days…

Aug 24th 2014
Michael James replied to Amir Bazrafshan's question:

I snapped :(

Mr. Scale is the only one that can answer that. Unfortunately, it’s never a cut and dry response. I spspent 4 days in Vegas eating terribly, and didn’t gain an ounce of fat. Cane ...

Jul 23rd 2014
Michael James replied to Deano Busker's question:

Competing goals???

To add on to what Tom is saying, I’ve noticed plateauing as well. Some people go right down to lower body fats, but I have only (very briefly) broken through the 20 percent range. I’...

Jun 27th 2014
Michael James replied to ankur's question:

Losing weight but not fat

Seems as though, if the scale is going down and your fat % is staying the same, you’re losing fat and other stuff in proportion to each other. If you started at 175 lbs, and had a body fat...

Jun 3rd 2014
Michael James replied to cdsrc's question:

I've been hovering around the same weight

I don’t want to speak to quickly, but I think I might have started to break thru a stall. I was following PAGG for a few weeks, but wasn’t seeing anything with that. I also started t...

Jun 3rd 2014
Michael James replied to mixy's question:

occam's protocol- free weight option - at home

In theory, you could do it all with dumbbells. Would have to get quite a few, tho. One option to consider would be to craft your own Occam’s protocol based on some of the geek to freak ex...

Jun 3rd 2014
Michael James replied to Ambitious's question:

How to continue to lose weight?

if you’re only doing 1-2 cheat meals on your cheat days, you should be good for a while. I’ve gone all out on cheat days since the beginning, and have struggled the last few momths. ...

May 28th 2014
Michael James replied to Trey Stinnett's question:

I want to track my blood where to I start?

Good question. Soon before I started, I had coincidentally had a blood panel done. Standard blood panel (lipids, blood sugar, A1c liver enzyme). These were all awful. I was able to see major ...

May 26th 2014

As far as the shakes, I just do a vanilla-flavored powder in water. Doesn't taste very good, but I'm used to it by now. The only thing I could th...

May 22nd 2014
Michael James replied to Grace Sheng's question:

Just some questions

Sorry to see you’re having trouble. Once I hit a certain point with the diet, I had the same issues. I hear all the time that this diet isn’t normal, and that you need carbs. It...

May 21st 2014
Michael James replied to cdsrc's question:

tablespoon of peanut butter

make sure there’s no added sugar. i’ve had issue with regular store brand stuff. you’ll probably be ok with more than 1 tbsp, and can just keep an eye on the scale throughout t...

May 19th 2014
Michael James replied to Raj Koria's question:

Breakfast Time

I’ve had to force myself to get my 30g protein shake and then go back and snooze. Good balance for me. As far as the other breakfast portion, you just want to be sure you get some legumes...

May 13th 2014
Michael James replied to Sumsum77's question:

Any Suggestions on how to fight my sugar cravings?

I’m a sugar addict as well. I truly binge myself silly on cheat days to help stave off the cravings. Not surprisingly, I’ve started to gain back some weight with this philosophy. I...

May 13th 2014
Michael James replied to John Groom's question:

Raw Peanuts

Peanuts are legumes, but nutrition-wise, are close to nuts in that they are mostly fat with a few carbs, barely any fiber. The “slow carb” legumes in the diet are high in fiber, have...

May 1st 2014
Apr 24th 2014
Michael James replied to HanibalLuis's question:

New Member / Tweaks Suggestions for the Sporting Folk

I’ve only bonked hard once or twice, and that was after essentially doing a triathlon in the gym. You’ll have to add some carbs and see if it leads to weight gain. The section on eat...

Apr 24th 2014
Michael James shared a tip:

Occam's Turkey

Hey all, Hope you had a good Easter. I had some quiet time in the house, and successfully developed the minimalist method to making an awesome turkey. Check it out: http://inshapemike.blogspo...

Apr 23rd 2014
Michael James replied to Douglas Ackerman's question:

What's your Stake?

Right before I started the diet, I used my phone to take pics of me from different angles. I had never seen what I looked like from the back, esp at such a high weight. Everytime I get discoura...

Apr 14th 2014
Michael James replied to Charx's question:

FirstDay occamsProtocol, eat as much as you can?

you can either eat more frequent smaller meals (less convenient) or eat bigger, less frequent meals (more prone to fat gain). his main point is to watch out for fat gain, best measured with your ...

Apr 8th 2014

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