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Michael James replied to Wil's question:

Will this breakfast plan work?

Try the nutribiotics rice protein. A lot less insulin spiking than whey proteins. if you want, you can supplement with eggs, but just the powder should be ok.

Feb 5th 2016

funny, this makes me want to start taking it again...

Dec 2nd 2015
Michael James replied to Dulsao's question:

30/30 and morning ice-water race

well, I take 2 steps at once. not sure it’s the right path. I chill filtered water down in the fridge overnight. In the morning, I mix rice protein with the water and drink that. Add ic...

Dec 2nd 2015
Michael James replied to Danny Yellin's question:

What do you use in your coffee

We had heavy cream in the house once, and I used that. Weight loss wise was the same as drinking it black. There’s something in the book about a limit to set with heavy cream. Just drinki...

Dec 2nd 2015
Michael James replied to Oscar Campos's question:

Waiting to long before lunch?

are you hungry come lunch time? you want to eat with sufficient regularity that you don’t feel hungry. hunger spikes insulin which blocks fat burning.

Nov 23rd 2015
Michael James replied to Buraddo.25's question:

Cycling allowed on SCD?

heck yes. any excercise with moderately elevated heart rate that you can do for hours at a time is ideal for fat burning.

Nov 23rd 2015
Michael James replied to Martn Zucal's question:

Cheese: Brie and Cheddar

cheese is something that will cause different reactions in people. in theory, the casein protein in cheese, when broken down to amino acids, is converted to sugars. this causes the spike in bloo...

Nov 23rd 2015
Michael James replied to Katie Jester's question:

Stuck..could Bacon be the problem?? Help!

Sorry you’re stuck. I’m in a similar boat this week. I weigh one thing at night, and 3 lbs heavier in the morning. Then it goes back down again. anyhow, yeah, it’s probably ...

Oct 29th 2015
Michael James replied to Krista Hill's question:

What's a good protein shake for Slow Carb Diet?

I order this: http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/p/nutribiotic-rice-protein-vegan-vanilla-3-lb-powder/nq-7079#.VjJbmPlVhBc. It doesn’t taste great, but is very non-insullinogenic, so it works we...

Oct 29th 2015

i do have my rice protein in the morning. I think you have a good idea with using protein to curb the desire for more carbs throughout the day. ...

Oct 29th 2015
Michael James replied to Rucira Ooi's question:

How to maintain targeted weight?

Congrats on reaching your goal! It sounds like you’re on the right track for maintaining. Be careful with the timing of your whey protein. You said you’re drinking this within 30 m...

Oct 15th 2015
Michael James replied to Bryony Doran's question:

slow burn carbs

long-chain starches, like potatoes, can be ok, as long as you eat them slowly. your digestive system can break them into the mid-chain oligosaccharides that you find in beans. however, if you ea...

Sep 25th 2015
Michael James replied to Denise Boedecker's question:

Is that ok?

Just have to get into the habit of looking at the ingredients. Here’s a snag of the unsweetened milk: https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/shopping?q=tbn:ANd9GcR3V32Z5bQ0W… It looks...

Sep 25th 2015
Michael James asked a question:

Minimizing "Whole Hog" Cheat Days

Just passed the 2 year mark with Slow Carb Dieting. I’ve had a number of “learning opportunities”, the most of which was the 8+ mos that I stubbornly stuck with Whey Protein in...

Sep 23rd 2015
Michael James replied to Dylan Kier's question:

Does the cold shower have to be before breakfast?

Get your protein first. Otherwise, you run the risk of spiking insulin and negating the effects of the cold shower and the diet. If you can, eat something before your kettlebells.

Aug 14th 2015
Michael James replied to Peter Sanchez's question:

Workout first thing in the AM

Looks good. The only thing I’ve had trouble with is burning fat while using whey protein. I don’t know what other protein powders that are out there that aren’t cost-inhibitive...

Aug 5th 2015
Michael James replied to Lou Lombardi's question:

Barndad's Fiber DX... Yes? No?

The fiber carbs might be spiking your blood sugar and giving you an insulin response. Can’t say for sure. You’ll have to experiment to see if weight loss is different without it.

Jun 23rd 2015
Michael James replied to Matt Daniel's question:

occams protocol

My impression is they are in addition to. It’s working up the chain connecting your leg and back muscles.

Jun 19th 2015
Michael James replied to AJ McMath's question:

Eat every 4 hours?

His point isn’t to target 4 meals, but to target frequent meals in order to avoid a starvation state. When you are feeling hungry, your body is going to spike insulin. This will, in turn s...

Jun 10th 2015
Michael James replied to Cody Breene's question:

Glycemic Index Question

It may have to deal with the time period over which the body will burn the oligosaccarides (sp) from beans versus the short-chain carbs that are metabolized quickly. However, glycemic load/index ...

Jun 10th 2015
Michael James replied to Lee Hulbert-Williams's question:

Any good guides for doing self experiments?

The fourhourworkweek blog has some interesting work on experimentation in it. A fun self test is the gluttony-to-gains relationship: Get your starting weight, body fat and waist measurement. T...

Jun 10th 2015
Michael James replied to Dvir Oren's question:

21yo gaining fat on 2500 cal/day - Advice

what’s your body fat %? the diet is slow to burn fat when below 25% body fat, and crawls to a hault around 20%. just be sure you’re spending a good deal of time in the gym. ketogen...

May 4th 2015
Michael James replied to Tom McGinn's question:

Does anyone know if there's a reference list for the 4-hour body?

researching oligosaccharides helped to clear some things up for me about why Tim Ferriss is all about the bean… as far as general science about calorie-restriction versus carbohydrate rest...

May 3rd 2015
Michael James replied to Arnstein Johansen's tip:

Geek2Freek template

That is awesome. Quick question. Is Geek to Freak similar to Occam’s Protocol, where you space your workouts based on if you weren’t able to make the minimum required set? If so, yo...

Apr 20th 2015
Michael James replied to Tony Bittick's question:

Eating and Cheating on Type 2 Diabetes

Not diabetic by any means, but I have noticed a great deal of crossover between the slow carb diet and the food/science listed on this fb page: https://www.facebook.com/optimisingnutrition Ther...

Apr 9th 2015

test out which cheat-day exercises work for you. after trying all of them and eating equivalent amounts on another cheat day without the exercises...

Apr 9th 2015
Michael James shared a tip:

4 things you learn about long term weight loss

Found this from Facebook this morning. Number 3 was the most spot on for me. http://vitals.lifehacker.com/four-things-nobody-tells-you-about-suc…

Mar 14th 2015
Michael James replied to Dor Schneider Cavalero's question:

PAGG. Urgent, heading back to my military base tomorrow.

VitaminShoppe.com will have all of them. I’d also recommend getting some Yerba mate tea from Amazon. That seemed to be more helpful than the PAGG. Also, good luck Finding garlic that̵...

Mar 14th 2015
Michael James replied to Pooja CL's question:

Gaining weight not losing??

Currently in the same boat as you are. Started about the same time, and did have a few “cheat weeks” in 2014. And, have stalled out several times. Here are the two things that I...

Mar 13th 2015
Michael James replied to Christopher Nielsen's question:

Chicken instead of beans?

I have noticed a difference in fat burning when including beans versus just having other protein sources. Not sure if it’s just placebo effect, or some other factor. Anyhow, I try to incl...

Feb 19th 2015
Michael James replied to Josh's question:

A couple questions about "in moderation" foods

For hummus, I’ll have a 4-oz container once or twice a week, and that seems to be ok. Can’t speak for cottage cheese, tho. Peanut butter is my main “in moderation” food,...

Feb 13th 2015
Michael James replied to Madelyn Boudreaux's question:

Not getting 1200 calories / day

How hungry are you feeling during the day? The only times I question if I am not getting enough calories is if I feel hungry at about 4 in the afternoon. As long as you’re not getting hung...

Feb 11th 2015
Michael James replied to Danny McMillan's question:

Help With Progress - (Food and Weight Diary inc)

how epic are your cheat days? also, what body fat % are you at now?

Feb 1st 2015
Michael James replied to Josh's question:


just eggs and oil, right? can’t go wrong with that….

Feb 1st 2015

Sorry for the delay in responding. The sugar in your diet may act to combine with fatty acids from high fat foods. This will be converted to tri...

Feb 1st 2015

How’d your last cheat day work out? Still having issues?

Jan 19th 2015
Michael James replied to Anders Pedersen's question:

Too much tomato?

Anders, 1 kg of organic canned tomatoes (if equivalent to this brand http://caloriecount.about.com/calories-wegmans-organic-diced-canned-tomatoes-i416481) would be roughly 40g carbs, 23g of whic...

Jan 19th 2015
Michael James replied to Lisa Lord's question:

garcinia cambogia really work details review

Thanks for sharing… Any time I see the Dr. Oz name on something, it makes me take a step back. Here’s an article that gives a few counterpoints http://www.womenshealthmag.com/weight-...

Jan 19th 2015
Michael James replied to John Vandegrift's question:

Am i going through carb or sugar withdrawal?

Might want to check your blood sugar to be sure you’re not having any issues with glucose levels. Other than that, might just ride it out. You’re only a few days to a cheat day…...

Jan 16th 2015
Michael James replied to Phil Schroeder's question:

Brain fog or light headedness anyone?

I definitely had issues feeling woozy when standing, and I was in a fog for a while, but that was later on. Are you eating enough that you’re not finding yourself hungry?

Jan 16th 2015
Michael James shared a tip:

4 Hour Body Workout Reviews

I wrote this up for a friend of mine who was interested in gaining muscle on this plan, but hadn’t started yet. Also includes a section on creating a custom workout plan: http://inshapemi...

Dec 24th 2014
Michael James replied to Robert Solomon's question:

Questions on getting protein when waking up

The point of the protein in the morning is to curb hunger, keep insulin levels low, and allow the metabolism to keep going. Hunger slows metabolism to a crawl. I sometimes need to go to the bat...

Dec 24th 2014
Michael James asked a question:

Anyone else Experiment with Ice Water?

Anyone else Experiment with Ice Water? Instead of drinking chilled water from the fridge, I’ve found a much faster fat burning method freezing it overnight, and drinking the just-above free...

Nov 5th 2014
Michael James replied to Marina.Weible's question:

No results?

Well, you’re definitely an exercise animal. Not sure where your weight (or bf%) is currently. At higher weights, I was able to get away with more beef and pork. I’ve since had to c...

Oct 7th 2014
Michael James replied to ALISHA.SOARES's question:

HELP!!! Alcohol on Cheat Days?!

Hope you’ve since figured this out. For me, having some drinks on cheat day is ok. Actually, since the very fact it’s liquid and takes up more room in my stomach, it has “help...

Sep 29th 2014
Michael James replied to Junhyuk Nam's question:

Cheat day question

7,000 calories can be ok, but it might need to be balanced by only eating lean meats such as chicken or fish during the rest of the week.

Sep 29th 2014

My goals have shifted quite a bit throughout this experiment. As of now, my goal is to see if I can burn fat to below a 20% body fat level while s...

Sep 29th 2014

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