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Lauren Featherstone replied to Tillyander Moore's question:

sugar free soft drink. why only 450ml?

It also disrupts your gut flora (your good stomach bacteria). It has a lot of sodium and your body processes it like alcohol and the by product of this turns it into formaldehyde (the stuff they p...

Apr 8th 2013

Chips are also a domino food. Doesn't really matter if they're approved or not when you eat the whole bag. That's why I had to toss mine.

Apr 1st 2013
Lauren Featherstone asked a question: - Losing too quick?

Silly question, but I just signed up for a $50 dietbet. If you don't know how it works, you have to lose 4% of your body weight in 28 days or you lose all your money. If you do lose 4% or more, y...

Mar 27th 2013
Lauren Featherstone replied to Tomhole's question:


Eh, I use and its app for micro-nutrients I post every day even if its the same thing just for the accountability.

Mar 26th 2013

Even 1 glass of milk or 1 piece of bread with my food stalls my weight loss. I weigh every day. I lose 1lb every day, EXCEPT on days when I *cheat...

Mar 26th 2013

1 can of beans is too much... I do maybe 1/2 cup of black beans in my eggs, 1/4 cup of beans in my salad and no beans for dinner cause I don't nee...

Mar 26th 2013

I eat way too much peanut butter (on celery sticks) and it has made no difference. I don't think a little of bad things will affect you as much as...

Jan 15th 2013

I have a 6 month old baby too and have been breastfeeding on this diet. I would suggest taking the prenatal vitamins if you still have the prescri...

Jan 15th 2013
Lauren Featherstone replied to Bluezen1014's question:

Accountability Partners?

I'm on the Lose It community. I weigh in about 4-7 times a week and admit publicly that I ate a piece of candy or had a cheese burger. add me there, email me, or text.. don't care. I've lost 26 l...

Nov 19th 2012

I do count calories with just as a reminder of what you are actually putting in your mouth. On my cheat day, I ate McDonalds and was ho...

Oct 21st 2012

I wanted to try IF but am breastfeeding and worried it would destroy my supply. I skipped dinner once and had no output what so ever. I dunno if I...

Sep 28th 2012

Ah, I was getting into ketosis actually a lot a couple weeks ago...

Sep 25th 2012
Lauren Featherstone replied to Wendy Maldonado's question:

Worst taste in my mouth.

Same, I just carry around sugar free gum (for a sweet fix) and chew until my next meal. That's the taste of your fat burning off, embrace it!

Sep 24th 2012

I wouldn't skip it but put like 11 days between the cheats. What did you have that was so bad?

Sep 6th 2012
Lauren Featherstone replied to Dragonfly's question:

Check your vitamins!

Ah, I've been taking leftover prenatal vitamins.. Maybe I should check them...

Sep 6th 2012

A coworker of mine asked what i'm eating lately cause the baby fat is drooping right off me. I feel encouraged. This diet is not hard but find it ...

Aug 25th 2012

I can't ever imagine going back to my old life with what I know now...

Aug 24th 2012

I agree. Last cheat day I didn't even want cheat food. I ate a sandwich and some stuffed grape leaves and I couldn't bring myself to really be a b...

Aug 24th 2012

I'm trying to get the proportions right after reading posts of others experiences. I am really excited every morning to wake up and weigh myself. ...

Aug 22nd 2012

I'm so exhausted lately. I feel like I'm flatlining. I need more energy. More beans?

Aug 22nd 2012

I actually get a bad sugar rush on cheat day. I feel so sick. You can tell how bad you're previous life style really was..

Aug 22nd 2012

I think my depression might be hormone related but not PP depression. I'm moving, we are buying a condo, I haven't worked in 2 months and am fight...

Aug 21st 2012

Been feeling horribly depressed lately... I go from not wanting to eating, feeling like vomiting to have a urge to cheat with a large Coke and fri...

Aug 20th 2012
Aug 20th 2012
Aug 20th 2012

Up 3 lbs after my first cheat day. I feel really sick today. I must have went over board. I'm pretty sure I actually ate like that before my diet ...

Aug 18th 2012

11lbs down. Today is my first cheat day and i'm so scared. I don't want to do this wrong...

Aug 17th 2012

I'm not too worried about it. Talked to baby's pediatrician yesterday and he said she gained 3lbs in 3 weeks. Her weight is excellent. I asked him...

Aug 16th 2012
Lauren Featherstone replied to Fieryone's question:

Protein bars on a busy day?

I have been so crazy busy with 2 kids, one is a 2 month newborn. I make omelette muffins. Bunch of eggs, diced ham, black beans, salsa, whatever you want. Put them into cooking sprayed cupcake pan...

Aug 15th 2012

And I have a Depo Vera shot that bleeds calcium too. I will breast feed for 1 year and have an over supply like I had twins. I have 10 months to g...

Aug 15th 2012

That being said if I've miscalculated and under eaten... I have a handful of walnuts (my sweet dessert food with Omega 3) or 1 egg which makes me ...

Aug 15th 2012

Is there a certain brand of Greek yogurt you are referring to? I have always had trouble getting enough calcium plus I am on a Depo Vera shot whic...

Aug 15th 2012

Breakfast: 2 Egg Whites, 50 cal 1 Whole Egg, 102 cal 2/3 cup, Black Beans, 151 cal Ham, 11 cal Salsa, 8 cal Jalapenos, 0 cal Walnuts, 96 cal Tota...

Aug 15th 2012

I feel like i'm eating enough. I have a decent supply. I don't feel like i'm malnourished. I only wish I could ad milk back to my diet. I'm short...

Aug 15th 2012

I'm in pumping groups actually and this isn't my first child. I breastfeed and then pump again an hour later which I don't normally do. Plus an un...

Aug 15th 2012
Lauren Featherstone replied to kpartin's question:

Before & After

Yeah I need them to washboard my laundry Wow! You are looking great. Great job!

Aug 14th 2012

Do you throw away the bun?

Aug 14th 2012

I felt a bit hypoglycemic this morning. I was very light headed, dizzy and disoriented. It might be from lack of calories and pumping so much I'm ...

Aug 14th 2012

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