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Sephog OG asked a question:

any fighters???

hi iv taken a kickboxing fight april 26th....however iv got 6.5 kilos to lose. does anybody have any tips?? im training pretty hard twice a day 5 times a week and eat pretty clean. iv read a lot a...

Mar 11th 2014
Sephog OG asked a question:

ultra marathon

I know this may have been asked in the past but has anyone completed an ultra having used the program in the book?

Sep 7th 2013

Iv been doing a bit of running and have this week gone back to kickboxing, Hoping to fight in 2013

Nov 28th 2012
Sephog OG replied to orca's question:

Why is quinoa not allowed on the SCD?

I think ultimately its all down to experimenting and seeing what works, I have lost weight eating oats and sweet potato. Tims book is a guide that's all!

Nov 28th 2012
Sephog OG asked a question:

harajuka moment

What was your harajuka moment?? Mine was in the football changing room and being told by a friend that my belly was getting a bigger!!

Nov 28th 2012

Well I'll start by saying I still have porridge for breakfast!! Like I said I haven't followed it to the letter. I will also have eggs mid morning...

Nov 27th 2012
Sephog OG replied to Nathan Richer's question:

4 Hour Body Works

Hope you stay so positive, if you start to struggle make sure you look back at this post it can not fail to inspire!!

Nov 27th 2012


Nov 27th 2012
Sephog OG asked a question:

week 5 update!!

4 weeks completed and I am 14lb lighter. I have tried and failed in the past but just over 4weeks ago I had my harajuka moment and its been very easy this time. I do not follow the diet to the let...

Nov 27th 2012
Sephog OG replied to sal sharma's question:

feelin a big set back

I seriously recommend you read meatless machine at the back of the book, great chapter

Nov 26th 2012

I had never eaten them before scd either, I now eat them every day! Just plain water with green tea, I used to need sugar in it but don't need it ...

Nov 25th 2012
Sephog OG replied to DexV's question:

Getting started again on SCD

Hey, I started 4 weeks ago and have lost 14lb. This week I'll be going back to kickboxing. I find the diet great, I don't like beans but love lentils, I buy them dry and cook them in veg stock and...

Nov 25th 2012
Sephog OG replied to Jose Angel's question:

Flavored Water / Red Bull Zero

Get used to water dude and lots of it, you'll lose a lot more weight with water!

Nov 25th 2012
Sephog OG asked a question:

meatless machine

Has anybody had any success doing the meatless machine? I'm planning on trying it after Christmas.

Nov 24th 2012
Sephog OG replied to sal sharma's question:

starting SCD

The book really is essential, tim explains it all in there very well

Nov 24th 2012
Sephog OG replied to rioclandestine's question:

Depressed (personal reasons). ate small pizza. Gave up SCD

To start with when withdrawing from processed food it may make your depression worse but eating clean will definitely help and make you happier. Plus as the last poster said, losing weight will al...

Nov 21st 2012
mrmonk asked a question:

What starch can be added to Occam's Protocol diet

In the book it says we can add starch to non shake meals. Does this include: Rye bread Brown rice Wholewheat pasta Potatoes Also is this every day or just on workout days.

Jun 12th 2011

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