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Thanks for that. I've been searching for such a list. I am on Coumadin, so this is very helpful. Part of my motivation for slow-carbing is to get ...

Nov 3rd 2012
Kevin Rogers asked a question:

Blood thinners and vitamin K intake

I'm on blood thinners so spinach is out, anyone else tracking vitamin K intake? Is there a spinach equivalent super food sans vitamin K?

Nov 3rd 2012

I'm one week in and the thought of beans for breakfast has already got me nauseous. My love affair with eggs is waning, too. Guess Ill try adding ...

Nov 3rd 2012
Nov 3rd 2012
Nov 3rd 2012
aaronzood blogged:

Just started (November 2011)

Hi, I just read the 4-Hour-Body last weekend and am now giving it a try. I am 24 years-old, about 205 pounds (give-or-take), and just wanted to drop down about 10-15lbs to give myself a more shr...

Dec 28th 2011

I'm also loving my breakfast of 2 eggs (scrambled) with a serving of black beans and 2 tbsps of salsa on top! Sounded gross at first but now I lov...

Jul 18th 2011
Jul 18th 2011
Jul 17th 2011
purplechrissy66 asked a question:

Member intro: diet plan question

Like Max's question on Manny's fantastic post and before & after pictures, I was wondering about his daily diet plan? I don't think that I am eating enough. I am being to see results though no...

Jul 17th 2011

Yeah, I wasn't really complaining :-D

Apr 26th 2011
nomadrip asked a question:

Was I tricked into not liking junk food?

SCD: I look forward to cheat days so I can eat donuts and other junk. It just makes me feel like crap when I do. Then I end up wanting good food again.

Apr 21st 2011

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