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Steve Strubbe is doing a tutorial!

Circuit training at home: Routine A

This challenge is a fat-burning circuit training routine you can do at home in just 30 minutes. All you need is a medicine ball and 2 hexagonal dum...

Sep 21st 2012

LOL. Thanks! I really like that analogy.

Jun 23rd 2011

thanks! I know I need to add more water during the day. Is tea OK? I usually have a cup of jasmine tea at work and that seems to help keep my murd...

Jun 23rd 2011

Thanks! I'm basically having the same food for lunch & dinner - so eating 3x a day. I also have a crazy work schedule (usually 2p - 12 a.) so ...

Jun 23rd 2011
Jun 23rd 2011
blackcatkitchen asked a question:

Day 2 and feeling really irritable

Hi, I'm a total newbie and am wondering if it's normal to feel really irritable? I'm on day 2 of eating slow carb and everything/everyone seems to annoy me. My food these 2 days: 1 protein shake...

Jun 23rd 2011

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