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Oct 9th 2011
elshrimporeborn blogged:

Aloha people

I'm going to try occams protocol for 4 weeks followed by low carb, hopefully It will help me with my bad posture & weak back problems!

Oct 9th 2011
elshrimporeborn is doing my tutorial!

Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

This challenge will teach you how to make a great substitute for mashed potatoes using cauliflower puree. This recipe is a healthy but tasty altern...

Oct 9th 2011
expatista is doing my tutorial!

Zero-carb Vanilla Cinnamon Pancakes

This challenge will teach you how to make zero-carb pancakes for breakfast. These delicious pancakes taste close to real pancakes, just without the...

Jun 29th 2011
Davemckinley is doing my tutorial!

Geek to Freak Routine at Home

For anyone who wants to do the Geek to Freak at home instead of joining a gym, here's a version of the exercises you can do with just 2 pairs of du...

Jun 28th 2011
Davemckinley replied to orchrist96's question:

Can't find the science about no hard alcohol

One of the key phrases in the book is "that I have found". remember it's not always black and white, from experimenting Tim found that Red Wine works best for him but you could be differ...

May 6th 2011
Davemckinley replied to justinsytsma's question:

Happy Cheat Day! What's Everyone Eating Today?

So far I have started off withy a normal breakfast of omlette. then I had a snickers, chocolate eater egg. For Lunch I have had a mcdonalds quarter pounder and non diet coke, 3 breaded chicken p...

May 4th 2011
Davemckinley asked a question:

Some Things I have Learned on the Slow Carb Diet.

I’m putting this post up for people to comment on things they have learned about themselves or their behaviours while on the SCD also for people just starting out so they can see that it’s not...

May 1st 2011
Yojax commented on Monsoon's reply:

Cheers Monsoon. By Cross training do you mean specifically cross fit?

Apr 27th 2011
Yojax commented on enfenn's reply:

So how often per week are you actually do CV runs? And how often tabata?

Apr 27th 2011

Thanks man. It was all going well then I had one too many drinks and a very late night over the weekend...slept for 12 hours the next day...oops B...

Apr 27th 2011
Yojax replied to Patrick Brophy's question:

Exercise questions

There a selection of great videos for home workouts on youtube. Very simple and easy to follow. And the best thing is they only take around 10 minutes each! I've been alternating between the che...

Apr 27th 2011
Yojax changed Yojax's photo!
Apr 27th 2011
Davemckinley replied to peoriapaula's question:

Doing the 4-hour Body in the UK

I was just about to ask this question and Amazon.co.uk is the answer!!

Apr 26th 2011
Yojax asked a question:

The Siesta - Is 6 hours absolute?

I'm trying the Siesta (I think that's what it's called), 6 hours sleep with 20 minute nap during the day. I'm just wondering how strict sticking to the 6 hours is. Eg, would it still be effective...

Apr 25th 2011
Davemckinley replied to Dominique Martin's question:

Can sweeteners ruin it all?

I have found that water can also be pretty boring. I dont like the taste of green tea but recently I found green tea with Lemon and that really helped.

Apr 25th 2011
Davemckinley replied to jamesandrewbateman's question:

5 useful apps for Occam’s protocol

I have found that Evernote is especially good for keeping a food diary as you can add text and photos in the same note.

Apr 25th 2011
Yojax asked a question:

Has ANYONE actually completed the 12week Ultra Endurance schedule?

The 4HB was published the end of 2010. It's now April 2011 and Tim's still yet to publish the results of his 12 week Ultra Endurance 'trial'. I've looked online and in the forums to see if anyone ...

Apr 21st 2011
expatista replied to ghurlrocks's question:

Black Beans Recipes???

straight from the can into the microwave works for me

Apr 15th 2011
seneca asked a question:

Where to buy PAGG supplements in the UK?

Everything I found about PAGG supplements is from the US! Any place to get them in the UK? Online or in store.

Apr 3rd 2011
seneca asked a question:

Should I go for PAGG supplements while I'm actually a 67kg male for 1.77m (with a belly fat)?

Hello, I'm 1.77 tall and weighing 66ish kg. This is due to the fact that I've been doing some endurance sports for the past years and have never been really big. I might have hit 70kg last year b...

Apr 2nd 2011

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