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Melissa Anthony asked a question:

Rookie - Day 2

I'm female, 38 yrs old, and on my 2nd day. So far, I've adhered strictly to the book (as far as I know from my hubby - he's done SCD); absolutely no dairy, pasta, wheat, bread, or fruit. I drank...

Sep 10th 2013
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Feb 22nd 2012
JONELLERAE asked a question:

Is Soymilk ok in coffee?

Today is day 1 for my husband & I, can anyone tell me if soy milk iss ok in coffee? I'm a coffee drinker & I usually have sweet & lo & a flavored creamer creamer, so you can imagin...

Feb 22nd 2012
JONELLERAE is doing a tutorial!

Go Beyond the Kettlebell Swing

So you read the book, got the kettlebell, and did the swing over a thousand times by now. As fun as it is, it's probably about time you expanded yo...

Feb 20th 2012
Feb 18th 2012

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