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Gary Zapparelli asked a question:

Is Falafel okay to eat?

I'm kinda torn on this one, so I thought I would get a judge's ruling from the group on this one. Anyone familiar with the general approach to falafel? To my knowledge it is just ground chickpeas ...

Jan 23rd 2013
Gary Zapparelli replied to rafaeld's question:

Slow-carb foods allowed / not allowed

Absolutely great list, this is really going to help me. I had been using ketchup with eggs, but I'm thinking I should cut it down to just salsa.

Jan 21st 2013
sunseal asked a question:

wonder if i am eating too much

I just finished week three and I am down the same 8 pounds I was at the end of week one. I don't cheat, but I am not measuring how much of anything I eat, and sometimes when I get my meal ready I...

May 26th 2012

So what's the scoop on bacon and ham--are they okay? But in limited amounts?

May 17th 2012
sunseal commented on Senshin's reply:

thanks for the good thoughts. We are in the 2nd week, and this am I scrambled 6 whole eggs, some sausage and some broccoli for an omelette type...

May 17th 2012
sunseal commented on Not4Hour's reply:

tim uses it in his youtube cooking videos

May 16th 2012
sunseal commented on C_Eileen's reply:

where do you find that? It's called isopure?

May 16th 2012
sunseal asked a question:

Help for breakfast

My daugher and I are doing the 4HB together. We are both really struggling with breakfast. Neither of us is hungry or interested in eating in the first 1/2 hour after we wake up and it just seem...

May 16th 2012
sunseal asked a question:

Worried about first cheat day!

There is SO MUCH info everywhere I am a little overwhelmed. Anyone able to offer up some tips that I really need for the first cheat day. I am doing well, day 5, down 7 pounds, and feeling reall...

May 11th 2012
sunseal commented on Jake's reply:

Create New Post 4 Hour Body Forum Member introductions Member intro: Forty, Fat-ish and Fearful. this is what I get when I click on aot of the...

May 6th 2012
sunseal commented on Jake's reply:

Hey Jake! Thanks for welcoming me in. I am having a little trouble navigating the site. Is it me? Or my browser? Lots of the posts I click on...

May 6th 2012
sunseal blogged:

Excited and nervous to begin.

I am a middle aged Mom who is starting this for better health and to finally take control of an issue that has plagued me my entire life. My goal is to lose weight, improve my osteo arthritis pai...

May 6th 2012
hb asked a question:

Day 3, Wish me luck

I just started the 4HB so wish me luck. I am going to do my best to post weekly updates. 5'9'' 230.8 lbs BF 34% TI 167 [img]http://s3.amazonaws.com/data.tumblr.com/tumblr_ll3cj5FRcP1qk4e02o1_.....

May 15th 2011

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