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Taylor Dondich replied to Michael James's question:

Starting to Yo-Yo?

In previous efforts, I found changing up your workout demands works well. Force your body to adapt to a new structure. It's not as simple as putting on more weight or anything like that. Change...

Dec 16th 2013
Diana D asked a question:

MUST Drink Gatorade, Doctor's Order... Help!

To make a long story short I was having bouts of extremely scary fainting spells, randomly passing out at stores or feeling faint behind the wheel. After numerous tests my doctor concluded I hav...

May 28th 2013
Feb 10th 2013

Thanks, I'll check it out. I may be adding in some biking too, actually; however, more road focused.

Jan 31st 2013

In the meantime, I will be making a concerted effort to eat slower. Since I'm not a huge fan of beans (sriracha helps a lot), eating slow is actu...

Jan 31st 2013

Thanks, I think as I start out I'm going to get used to the SCD for a couple weeks and then bring the am workouts back into. When I first started...

Jan 31st 2013
Alejandro Merrick replied to sabrina ali's question:

Couldn't handle cold shower

As a college kid rowing crew in NH, I used to run or row by ice at 5 am practices. I'd be so warm and flushed from working out, I'd have to turn my shower cold by the end or I'd end up still swea...

Jan 31st 2013
Alejandro Merrick asked a question:

Working out vs. Eating in the AM

Hey everyone, I'm just starting out, but I was working out for about 30-45 min as soon as I woke up (prior to starting). Have you guys found the eating protein within 30 minutes of waking up to...

Jan 30th 2013
Byron Mason commented on wombat's reply:

I appreciate the comment but what I'm asking is if these "hot" things slow calorie burning, not if hot things ruin cold treatments. Will...

Jan 2nd 2013
beaujac replied to Sammy Bedair's question:

The truth about PEAS !!

A search function is a terrible thing to waste.

Dec 31st 2012
Byron Mason asked a question:

Hot Showers, hot tea, scarfs...Thermally Counterproductive?

Alright, I haven't dove into the 4HB fully just yet... still finishing prep and choosing timing carefully, but I have been experimenting. The cold showers are cool, they make me feel like a fuckin...

Dec 28th 2012
Dec 28th 2012
Byron Mason commented on justin's reply:

^^^ crazzy

Dec 28th 2012

Just buy the most expensive meat... that's the grass fed.

Dec 28th 2012
Dec 28th 2012

1g... really?

Dec 28th 2012
Dec 28th 2012
Dec 28th 2012
Dec 28th 2012
Suddora replied to Erin Dunn's tip:

Beaned Out?


Nov 24th 2012
Nov 24th 2012
Suddora replied to MaryC's question:

Does any one out there hit their goal yet?

I've hit my "goal"... but what is a goal really anyway? I've realized even after losing 40lbs i still have to maintain that. The real joy I've got from slow-carbing is the habit's I've b...

Nov 7th 2012
beaujac commented on beaujac's reply:

Ah, crap, click liked on my own answer. Rookie move.

Sep 18th 2012
Sep 18th 2012
beaujac replied to Scander1005's question:

Is grapefruit ok for everyday ?

Grape juice is a big no on non-cheat days. It's full of sugars. The reason it's encouraged on cheat days is that it helps regulate blood sugar.

Sep 18th 2012
beaujac replied to Mike P's question:

Pink Moscato?

It's a bad idea. Pink Moscator contains twice the sugar of a Cab. If your wife wants a sweeter experience with a red she should try a merlot since it qualifies as one of the dryer reds. That ...

Sep 13th 2012
beaujac replied to Ehren Miller's question:

Why is Hard Liquor Bad? I Need Science Help.

I LOVE beer and bourbon and scotch and gah! Yeah, your body will prioritize the digesting of the alcohol over food which can lead to a bit of fat storage as the food sits unmetabolized in your sy...

Sep 7th 2012
beaujac replied to Robbie Klein's question:

What is considered 1 hr from waking up?

Yeah, 30 in 30 is the rule. It helps if you prepare your 30 ahead of time so you can just wake up and pound it. Some days I just stand in front of open fridge, bleary eyed, and lay eyes on about...

Sep 6th 2012
beaujac replied to Diann Barton-King's question:

Are Pork Rinds ok?

Technically, yes, they're 'ok'. They are fried and high and sodium though, so even then they are a sometimes food.

Aug 30th 2012
beaujac replied to Juan Pinillos's question:

Ginger dressing?

Ginger itself is allowed in small amounts. That said, most salad dressings are a no go on this diet, especially those dressings made en masse. Without knowing the ingredients and carb content of...

Aug 25th 2012
beaujac replied to Ehren Miller's question:

Dating On The Slow Carb Diet

As a wine guy, I gotta admit, it's been pretty nice over my last year and a half as a single man. Getting into wine seems inaccessible, and can be a little intimidating. I assure you, it's not. ...

Aug 24th 2012
beaujac commented on beaujac's reply:

Your cheat days will leave you feeling so awful that getting back to SCD will feel great.

Aug 24th 2012
beaujac replied to Angela Polite Dokey's question:

Any advice for a newbie?

Okay. Week 1. You're probably going to feel like crap as your body gets used to a new way of eating. Make through the first 5-10 days and you will find that you've got more energy than you know...

Aug 23rd 2012
beaujac commented on beaujac's reply:

Depression and anxiety often go hand in hand, and my problem with Wellbutrin was that it tended to stoke my anxiety, which I have never really tak...

Aug 19th 2012
beaujac replied to Shannon Bennett's question:

Cheat Day Breakfast

It's recommended that you have an SCD breakfast on your cheat day. It will curb your appetite, and you'll start your day feeling much better than if you started with a cheat meal. That said, you...

Aug 13th 2012

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