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kevinmccarthy replied to rafaeld's question:

Slow-carb foods allowed / not allowed

Regarding butter: Tim said (either during his CreativeLIVE course or one of the many podcasts he appeared on during his Four Hour Chef junket) this past November/December that butter is not Slow-C...

Jan 22nd 2013
kevinmccarthy asked a question:

Ice Bath + Tub Problem

I did an ice bath earlier, following Tim's 10-5-5 model, which wasn't that bad (then again, to start this process, I was in 55 degree water - I believe ideally you want it colder). However, I'm a ...

Feb 3rd 2012
kevinmccarthy asked a question:

8+ Months (Advice Needed)

I'm currently around 330lbs (up from 195lbs 4 years ago - not much muscle either, fyi). In order to give me added determination this year, I've decided that I'm going to do a Tough Mudder this Oct...

Jan 26th 2012

I was wondering, in regards to the sucralose: if you didn't drink the 16oz/day you are allowed of Diet Coke (which is sweetened with sucralose), d...

Dec 12th 2011
kevinmccarthy replied to Jake's question:

progress after 8 weeks (photos)

Awesome! (And ouch about your back!) Now, you say that those pants fit last year, however it seems like you lost quite a bit of inches in those 8 weeks, so my question is did those pants fit perf...

Oct 21st 2011

Thanks. I actually do plan to throw in the ice bath as well, but for so little time, I can't imagine it'd be that hard with that thrown in. So w...

Oct 20th 2011
kevinmccarthy asked a question:

Approach(es) to use? (Competition Help)

Hey all! I am embarking on a major transformation journey with a few friends that's running for 8 weeks from 10/23-12/18, with an option to extend it until 3/01/12 (must be a unanimous vote). Th...

Oct 20th 2011
kevinmccarthy asked a question:

Post-Cheat Day Meals/Fat Loss Correlation?

I was wondering what combination of SCD-approved foods you've found to aid in losing more weight and/or inches post-cheat day. What I mean I guess is, after a cheat day, while Tim recommends packi...

Jul 25th 2011

@ChrisM - How has that change work now that it's been a few months? Did you end up going back to the beans/no grains approach or was the change, f...

Jul 21st 2011

Is egg white protein believed to be better than whey protein isolate for the Slow-Carb Diet? I was thinking I could have a glass of a protein+wat...

Jul 21st 2011
kevinmccarthy replied to cbuijs's question:

How to make Unflavoured Whey tasty

Maybe it's just me, but I find unflavored whey really delicious. I mean, I used to drink Muscle Milk and all the other flavor-packed whey's before and grew tired of them after a little while. So...

Jul 12th 2011
kevinmccarthy replied to MKrick's question:

100 lbs in 208 days.

WOW! That's awesome man! Congratulations! I'm curious if you could share how your first few weeks/months went and what you might have originally done wrong and how you corrected course (if anythi...

Jul 12th 2011
Jul 12th 2011
Jul 6th 2011
kevinmccarthy replied to MGiron's question:

TIP: Carb Chart!!!

Excellent chart, however I'd like to see a link to a larger version of it. I Google'd it and got to this amazing article... http://www.marksdailyapple.com/the-primal-carbohydrate-continuum/ You...

Jul 6th 2011
kevinmccarthy replied to filipn's question:

How much do you gain after cheat day?

Yesterday was my second cheat day and I gained 3.8lbs (306.8->310.6) after it. After my first cheat day, last week, I gained nothing. Started day off with 37g of protein from unflavored shake....

Jul 3rd 2011
kevinmccarthy voted for elquent's reply to:

Jul 3rd 2011
Jun 28th 2011
kevinmccarthy replied to turner1220's question:

How about a section of FAQ

Agreed. I would also suggest an FAQ that users (maybe of a certain level?) can submit to, where mods determine validity, etc, and then it gets posted after the approval process. No sense in a webm...

Jun 28th 2011
Jun 28th 2011
kevinmccarthy replied to Josh Kocurek's question:

Kettlebell Swings: The Story of my T-Handle

For the *basic* T-Handle (I'll explain later), I purchased the parts from Home Depot and it cost me just $12. I purchased everything in black, which makes a difference in price for some reason. ...

Jun 28th 2011
kevinmccarthy asked a question:

4HB Vegetables?

What other vegetables, other than the ones listed below, are 4HB appropriate? Spinach Mixed vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower) Sauerkraut, kimchee Asparagus Peas Broccoli Green beans I'm wonderi...

Jun 24th 2011
kevinmccarthy replied to smellslikesound's question:

Harajuku Moment

My Harajuku moment came Sunday, June 19th. Let me explain my circumstances up to that point... I am the sole graphic/web designer at my job. We started a new partnership company with another busi...

Jun 23rd 2011

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