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kannett asked a question:

No grass fed beef at trader joes?

I couldn't seem to find grass fed beef there? Any suggestions where to find it in North Jersey?

May 11th 2012
kannett commented on Jake's reply:

Heavy cream is a success. Different taste but i like it. I wonder if Starbucks will oblige. Buttered coffee was a disaster but i didn't try unsal...

May 9th 2012
kannett asked a question:

Use an All-Fat Creamer in Your Coffee

Is this below really what i should use in Coffee? http://www.organicvalley.coop/products/cream/heavy-whipping-cream/

May 1st 2012
kannett replied to LizMir's tip:
Apr 26th 2012
kannett replied to ggg_garo's question:

Breakfast problem.. suggestions please!!

I use this recipe. I make it every 6 days. http://www.livestrong.com/recipes/superprotein-4hb-breakfast/ You can substitute different meats and veggies to your preference

Apr 24th 2012
kannett asked a question:

Body Fat Measurements

Are there any really good scales to measure this. BodPod seems pricey and hard to find and would like tracking this as i've started a new workout regimen and want to track things more closely.

Mar 28th 2012
kannett asked a question:

Philips goLITE - any reviews

I was curious if anyone had used this to help sleeping. Amazon link: http://tinyurl.com/bqzvoo4 Seems a little pricey but if it works i might try it.

Mar 28th 2012
kannett asked a question:

Fruit before soccer

Is a piece of fruit or 2 horrible before an hour of soccer?

Mar 24th 2012
kannett replied to Cathieely Enter last name's question:

the last mile

Eating more asparagus?

Mar 23rd 2012
kannett asked a question:

Rule of thumb for for eating beans

Is there a basic rule of thumb for the amount of beans that I should eat (5'10, 200lbs male)? I'm trying to plan my meals ahead of time and having a preset amount would help.

Mar 16th 2012
kannett replied to ClaudiaM's question:

when should i start seeing results, and how much beans are an ok serving?

It's different for everyone. I took 2-3 weeks. Not sure if that was just me working the kinks out or how long it really takes. Also, I remember TF saying he observed 2-3 weeks to be when wight l...

Feb 21st 2012

I pre-make an egg frittata. 12 eggs, grilled chicken (chunked up), 1lb frozen spinach from trader joes, baked in a 6 part muffin pan at 350 for ~4...

Feb 21st 2012
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Feb 16th 2012
kannett replied to ebacklund's question:

Vitamins and Supplements

I've found vitamin d helps with mood during the winter months. Pretty easy blood test to get from you doctor. Mine was covered by insurance.

Feb 8th 2012
kannett blogged:

Member intro: KG

5'10, 205lbs

Feb 2nd 2012
bethprgirl blogged:

Member intro: Just Getting Started

I've recently gained weight and am miserable! My friend told me she heard about this diet, so I went out and bought the book. I love protein and veggies, and wine so this is a good program for me....

Sep 17th 2011

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