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IndiraV2 commented on Steph's reply:

I am curious about soy too. It's pretty hard to avoid for me since I barely cook and use a lot of prepared stuff. Is soy lecithin as bad as all ...

Oct 5th 2011
IndiraV2 commented on paulshack's reply:

Have the quorn substitutes been working for you? I'm a vegetarian myself (lacto-ovo), so my choices are pretty limited for protein. I've been st...

Sep 29th 2011
IndiraV2 commented on Steph's reply:

Thanks!! I've been doing some of the slowcarb for a few weeks now. Though not everything. Just the supplements and eating as best I can. I'm a...

Sep 25th 2011
IndiraV2 commented on JJJ's reply:

Wow! Squids...I had no idea what you were talking about! Apparently you automatically get a random pic if you don't set one. I'm not the bigges...

Sep 24th 2011
IndiraV2 was recruited into 4 Hour People by JJJ!

Give a warm welcome to IndiraV2!

Sep 24th 2011
IndiraV2 blogged:

Member intro: IndiraV2

Long and messy story ...but I'm trying the 4 hour body and love this site!

Sep 24th 2011
Cyga asked a question:

End of my first month

Today is the end of my first month and I'm happy to share the results. Just did my mesurements and the final numbers are: Inches lost: 10.25 Weigh lost: 18 lbs So over the last 4 weeks the diet ...

Jun 18th 2011
Cyga asked a question:

Feeling light headed

Hey guys! My wife have been recently complaining about feeling light headed. It's kind of random, so it's not every morning OR right after eating. From what I have seen on the forum people sugest ...

Jun 9th 2011
Cyga asked a question:

Day 17 | Work in progress

Hey guys... another quick update: We have been sticking to the diet and to be honest our "bad" days didn't really get as bad but simply because the urge wasn't there. This might change ...

Jun 2nd 2011
Cyga commented on Cyga's question:

Thank you! How are you guys doing? Do you see progress every week (even as little as it might be)?

May 20th 2011
Cyga asked a question:

Day 5 | So far so good

So we have tried to be good. Tomorrow would be our weekly weigh-in but since we are both working tomorrow we decided to jump on the scale just to see if we are going in the right direction. Wife ...

May 20th 2011
Cyga commented on Minnesota's reply:

Thanks Jones. One question. So are you saying that for example each time I see A at the bottom it should stand for 100-300mg with each meal... and ...

May 18th 2011
Cyga asked a question:

SCD | day 2 (meals and cold shower)

So we've officially started our SCD and I'm looking forward to seeing the results. Day one we strictly focused on the diet, meals, prep, shopping and all. Today I've attempted the "cold showe...

May 18th 2011
Cyga commented on shane's reply:

Agree, pictures are a must. Put the logo over your face if that makes you more comfy. :)

Apr 14th 2011
Cyga asked a question:

Snack options

Here is a quick follow up to my FOOD options post. This one is all about snacks (before/after lunch): BTW... I think this category is the toughest. OPTION 1 Pistachios OPTION 2 String cheese (S...

Apr 14th 2011
Cyga asked a question:

FOOD options

I'm getting ready to start my SCD in the next two weeks and I'm in the process of putting together some options so that I could use this list as my guide. It makes the life and shopping easy at th...

Apr 14th 2011
Cyga replied to qwerty's question:

Alcohol recommendations?

Hey... I'm only prepping for SCD but that was also one of my items on the list... I would go with vodka, water (plain or carbonated) and two slices/wedges of lime/lemon. I also like Nor Cal Margar...

Apr 14th 2011
Cyga changed Cyga's photo!
Apr 5th 2011

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