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paulwall blogged:

Member intro: Paul

Art director that spends too much time sitting and snacking and not enough time working out or eating right. I've made the decision to hold to the 4hb diet and start treating my body right.

Apr 13th 2012

I am only 3.5 weeks in, but I'm learning this lesson as well. I will be avoiding sugary treats on cheat day from now on. My body seems to react be...

Aug 13th 2011

Cottage Cheese is the one white dairy food that is okay to eat. It's in the book. No corn, but carrots in very small amounts are okay.

Aug 13th 2011

Oh, hells yes! I see a great breakfast in my future!

Aug 13th 2011

Holy chili cheese bread! I'm amazed. And I think I'm slobbering a little.

Aug 6th 2011
martinifontaine replied to weeyin's question:

Is pink grapefruit juice OK for cheat day?

I'm a newbie at this myself, but I assumed that the grapefruit juice should be 100%, unsweetened grapefruit. Which is very hard to fine. I found Ocean Spray white grapefruit was the only one in my...

Aug 6th 2011

Thanks, I'll try that. I guess I was under the impression that I was supposed to push the limits a bit with the sugary stuff (Tim talked a lot abo...

Aug 6th 2011

Thanks! I'm looking forward to getting into shape. I want to hike up Mt. St. Helens next summer.

Aug 6th 2011

I have been teary too. I know from past experience with Atkins that the body takes some time adjusting to a new routine. This week I'm less likely...

Aug 6th 2011
martinifontaine asked a question:

Headaches, anyone?

Hello everyone! I'm beginning my third week of the SCD. I have had two great "cheat" days, I literally could not eat anymore at the end of each day. I may not have had a ton of sugary th...

Aug 5th 2011
martinifontaine replied to blackcatkitchen's question:

Day 2 and feeling really irritable

In my experience with different diets, including this one (I'm starting week 3) mood changes are normal, especially if you are making dramatic changes. The first week of SCD I was a complete space...

Aug 5th 2011
martinifontaine blogged:


I heard Tim on the Nerdist podcast and went right out to buy the book. I'm no week two of the slow carb diet. Hoping for great results!

Aug 5th 2011

Doing Occam's even with the massive amounts of eating I have been able to stay the same body fat% or a tad lower than when I started. I'm about 10...

Jul 17th 2011
bcstrange01 replied to mykism's question:

Occom's: Increasing Rest Days

Well I loaned out my book so I wasn't able to read the context but from my memory I thinking of two instances of "rest". I know in between sets or if you are unable to complete a set res...

Jun 30th 2011
bcstrange01 replied to Stuart's question:

Starting Occam's Protocol. Any advice?

Well if you want to gain weight you will need to lift some serious weight and eat correctly. This being the correct amount of protein and calories mixed with good carbs. For months I was not pus...

Jun 30th 2011
bcstrange01 replied to tuffdadsf's question:

How many reps (over or under) in Occam's?

It isn't about how many you do but the cadence of 5 seconds up and 5 seconds down for the 80-120 seconds and to failure. So if you can do between 8-12 in perfect form and you aren't failing you ne...

Jun 22nd 2011

We both drink tons of water. My wife actually just stopped breast feeding this week and she will be starting pAGG as well. It is nine months since...

Jun 21st 2011

I just finished the loading phase with no problems. I am going to cut down to 5 grams at each meal (4 meals a day).

Jun 13th 2011
BT Blender replied to Jimi B's question:

Non Cheat Day social drinks?

It depends on what your goals are, and where you're starting from. If you really want the SCD to work, follow it. You should avoid sodas anyway, diet or regular. Stick to water, and have them thro...

Jun 4th 2011

She takes tons of vitamins and supplements still like if she were still pregnant, include folic acid, prenatals, B-complex, D, calcium to name a f...

May 30th 2011

Yeah, she usually does eat close to the same amount portion size as me and I am focusing on gaining weight. We have started to cut back her portio...

May 30th 2011

Yes, she did breast feed but we were always told this would increase fat burning. Also no related but she can only produce about 9 oz a day. We no...

May 30th 2011
bcstrange01 asked a question:

BLOG: 5 month only 12 pounds, please help.

Hi, I am posting for my wife. We have done the SCD for 5 months. We did take a break in the middle for about 3 weeks so more like 4 months total. She gave birth to our daughter on September 21 and...

May 28th 2011

I like having the ebook, since I can do a keyword search to find details that I can't remember.

May 24th 2011

Is your left arm stronger as well, or just bigger?

May 24th 2011

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