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Have you heard of Think Thin protein bars? They're about 5g sugar and 20g protein, absolutely delicious! I also make protein black bean brownies- t...

Jun 15th 2014

Sounds like you ration out your cheat day with most junk in the middle of the day. Tim also suggests a healthy breakfast and limit the junk at nigh...

Jun 15th 2014

Great suggestions. I usually take a nap to sleep off cheat meals myself. I basically do the same as your cheat day, though will have to figure out ...

Jun 15th 2014
Erin Dunn asked a question:

Modified Slow Carb

Hi all, I started slow carbing about 3 years ago and I mostly still adhere to the diet, however I had to modify it b/c I went a little crazy on cheat days, and didn’t like how it made me f...

May 31st 2014
Erin Dunn replied to Sumsum77's question:

Any Suggestions on how to fight my sugar cravings?

Try Think Thin peanut butter protein bars. No sugar, 20g protein, seriously delicious and satisfying!

May 31st 2014
May 18th 2013
Hal Taylor asked a question:

20 grams of protein per meal?

On page 96 in "The 4-Hour Body" the book says "Get at least 20 grams of protein per meal" Is this correct? 20 grams is less than one ounce, 1 1/4 tablespoons,. seems like a v...

May 14th 2013
Hal Taylor replied to Galia Knight's question:

How many garlic cloves replace 200mg of garlic extract?

Raw garlic can make you wish you had never heard of it, I use it to worm my dogs, big poo mess. be careful

May 14th 2013

Really? What kind of balsamic are you using? Mine only has 2 g carbs per serving..haven't seen weight fluctuate with it, either...

Apr 5th 2013
Erin Dunn asked a question:

Multi Vitamin

Does anyone know of a good liquid multi vitamin brand? I'm tired of choking down pills every day..

Feb 25th 2013

I had a separate post on the PAGG issue as well- I've been slow carbing for over a year and didn't take PAGG until recently. Not sure if it's coin...

Feb 18th 2013
Erin Dunn replied to Allaina Bradshaw's question:

pine nuts ok?

According to the book, nuts are ok IN MODERATION- no more than a handful a day before you do damage. However (and this is getting into uncharted territory) Dr. Oz recommends eating a shot glass fu...

Feb 10th 2013

I assumed that individually was the only way you could take them...good luck!

Feb 10th 2013

I'm using the NOW brand- you also may want to check mgs- I'm taking 60 mgs of green tea, 250 mgs of Alpha Lipoic and 50 mgs of garlic (with cayenn...

Feb 9th 2013
Erin Dunn asked a question:

PAGG Stack

I started the PAGG stack about two weeks ago and in the first week, lost 5 lbs. I had previously plateaued BIG TIME and I think it's just what I needed to jump start weight loss. I was even eating...

Feb 9th 2013

Darren, what is inulin fiber and where can I get this magical substance? tak.soak I have the exact same problem no matter what kind of beans I eat...

Jan 12th 2013
Erin Dunn commented on wombat's reply:

True on the "lifestyle" as opposed to diet, which is what I'm going for. Also just watched something about wheat being horrible for you ...

Dec 10th 2012
Erin Dunn asked a question:

SCD healthy in long run?

After reading a few posts about build-up of iron and such, just wondering if SCD is healthy for a prolonged period of time? I'm going on a year and a half now (with intermittent modification of SC...

Dec 10th 2012
Erin Dunn commented on fortune's reply:

I've never tried PAGG b/c it was a bit expensive to be honest. I wanted to try it without supplements b/c I didn't want the weight to come back wh...

Dec 10th 2012
Erin Dunn commented on lisa_a's reply:

Can you have flax bread on the diet? I know it's not a wheat product, but I've been dying for something bread like!!

Dec 10th 2012
Erin Dunn commented on Brenda 7's reply:

I think the site is a great idea! I think it would be difficult to date someone who didn't share a similar lifestyle and diet as you- and let's fa...

Dec 10th 2012

I've been having the same problem with feeling sick; what I do is have a protein shake in morning followed by a cardio workout then healthy SC b-f...

Dec 2nd 2012
Dustin Ferger is doing a tutorial!

30-day Six Pack Sprint: Day 2

Take the 30-day Six Pack Challenge and join members jackedup and Yes as they race to get ripped six pack abs. They are both around ~16% body fat an...

Nov 29th 2012
Erin Dunn is doing a tutorial!

Fat burning circuit: Routine 1

Burn fat and add tone up with this series of 6 circuit training routines. Each full-body routine consists of 8 different resistance training exerci...

Nov 25th 2012

I do the exact same thing as gretchenlin with the meals for a week at work- I'm sure you have a fridge at work to store your 'supplies'. Soup is ...

Nov 25th 2012
Erin Dunn shared a tip:

Beaned Out?

If you're looking for a way to spice up the beans, try making Three Bean Salad (but omit the sugar in the recipe). It's a great way to add variety to the diet and I put it in salad with chicken fo...

Nov 24th 2012

Good, b/c I love olive oil and I lowered the weights and mainly do resistance stuff- down to 134 from 137 but am also taking thermo CLA just once...

Nov 22nd 2012

I used whey protein isolate every morning when i first started and lost about 7 lbs in two weeks, so it didn't impede my weight loss- I get one wi...

Nov 22nd 2012

I am exercising at least 4-5 times per week, strength and cardio, I drink plenty of water, I vary my veggies and eat plenty when I have meals. I ...

Nov 21st 2012

I vaguely remember reading Last Mile and Occam's Razor, but I was doing that for a while I think; I don't have the book anymore, so I'd need a ref...

Nov 21st 2012
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Oct 3rd 2011
4hrparty blogged:

Another day slips away

Just a curious guy looking to experiment with the variables of life.

Oct 3rd 2011
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Aug 12th 2011
jaque blogged:

It's my time to be in control

I struggled with IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, celiac spru, and food allergies e.g. Gluten/wheat, ALL forms of dairy, soy, most nuts etc. And had my large intestine removed 2 years ago. I have always b...

Aug 12th 2011
Sin Amen replied to locarb4health's question:

Women and the 4 Hour Body

I am in week 5. I have lost two inches in my hips and about 3-5 lbs. Here are some observations I made: -weeks 1 and 2 are the most difficult in dealing with sugar withdrawls, carb cravings and d...

May 24th 2011
Sin Amen replied to lgroverton's question:

How can I make the slow carb diet less work?

I have friends that are also on SCD and they make their meals for an entire week on Sunday. She travels an hour to work and he works on large earth moving equipment all day so they have zero prep...

May 24th 2011
Sin Amen commented on LauraCox's reply:

Can you explain the "impact carbs?" And what are the benefits of casein vs. whey? I just need something I dont have to mix with other st...

May 24th 2011
Sin Amen asked a question:

Betty Lou's Low Glycemic Protein Shake

I would love some help evaluating this shake as an option. I have been reading comments on this site about the protein shake quandry and increasing insulin seems to be a problem because of carbs a...

May 21st 2011
Sin Amen changed Sin Amen's photo!
May 20th 2011
Sin Amen replied to alicat's question:

Coconut Oil OK on the SCD?

I would think the same rules apply. Yes but in moderation. Coonut oil is one of the more fatty oils but is very good for you. If you like it in your shake, try Udo's oil. Even more benfits.

May 20th 2011
Sin Amen replied to m ami.ane's question:

I'm looking for a link !

I could not find your answer on here but here is a quick and dirty listing of protein in certain foods. Calorie King is another good web site and they have mobile app that gives detailed nutrit...

May 20th 2011
zachshallbetter replied to Jay's question:

Where to get Traumeel IM?

I found the Traumeel pills on Amazon (inexpensive). http://www.amazon.com/Heel-Traumeel-100-Tablets/dp/B0012MRUNA And the Gel http://www.amazon.com/BHI-Traumeel-250-g-gel/dp/B000BD4D3Q And th...

May 9th 2011
zachshallbetter replied to mizzzeta's question:

Syrup in my Sobe? o_O

@mizzzeta I'm concerned that you're not understanding the basic fundamentals of the slow carb diet. You should not drink or eat any sugars that are not part of the original diet since carbohydrate...

May 9th 2011

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