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lw9012 asked a question:

completely confused, slow carb diet

This is my second time trying the diet. I am on week three and see no difference in weight or inches. About a year ago, I was on the diet for several months but only lost 6 lbs and stalled forever...

Mar 26th 2012
lw9012 asked a question:

am i eating enough or too much meat? SCD

hi folks, this is my second run on the scd. I just want to get things right this time. here is a typical day for me: breakfast: (30mins upon waking) two eggs one cup of some sort of veggie, usua...

Mar 26th 2012
lw9012 blogged:

Member intro: slow carb diet newbie

just here to lose weight

Mar 26th 2012
mvsalt blogged:

Member intro: Just got the book

I just got the book and am looking to start monday. I am looking through this website, trying to learn form the people have made it work

Sep 22nd 2011
CJinNYC replied to riotsauce's question:

Hope this isn't too dumb.

It's not dumb at all. I think the thing you have to do is appeal to the rational part of your brain. In the book, Tim stresses that not every meal is going to be enjoyable and he's not just referr...

Aug 1st 2011
CJinNYC blogged:

Member intro: First time caller...

I've been trolling the boards for the past week now and I finally decided to nut up and join the conversation. I'm about 4 days into the first week and it's been a big change, but a manageable one...

Aug 1st 2011
cxnichol asked a question:

Favorite Vegetarian Recipes?

Spent the weekend reading 4HB and excited to begin tomorrow. I've been pouring over the web trying to get stock of vegetarian recipes. Any favorite vegetarian recipes or success stories?

Mar 20th 2011

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