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ask commented on HappyGranny's reply:

Where can I find ghee I keep hearing about it can I get it at the grocery store and in what area should I look?

Feb 12th 2012
ask commented on Jake's reply:

I totally agree Jake, I was amazed at how bland and yucky it tasted. I have found the same to be true for many of my previous "bad" hab...

Feb 12th 2012
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Feb 12th 2012
clarkbwbradley blogged:

New to 4HB, excited to get started

been fat all my life, sick of not achieving my full potential. I have just accepted being overweight and unhealthy as a way of life. looking for similar stories and inspiration to keep me going....

Aug 16th 2011
ask commented on Rano_pano's reply:

I really wish Tim or someone would clarify this question. I miss my latte the most of anything I have had to give up! Since we can use cream beca...

May 12th 2011
ask commented on justin's reply:

I might have to try the ice packs on my neck before bed, since it is cold most of the time where Ilive I shudder at the though of ice packs but tha...

Apr 21st 2011
ask commented on nomadrip's question:

LOL that is exactly how I felt after my first cheat day, felt like crap that day and then next day till I got it all out of my system. Now I focus...

Apr 21st 2011
ask commented on FamousDrew's reply:

I agree I have steadily gained weight and have never been able to figure it out since I startied on prevacid, unfortunatly i'm not sure I can do wi...

Feb 21st 2011
ask asked a question:

Suggestions for mixing green drinks in

I have been drinking my "green drink" for breakfast for years in OJ. Since it isn't on the 4HB I am looking for something I can mix it in that makes it palatable. I can't stomach it in...

Feb 5th 2011

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