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Cloakraider asked a question:

How can I lose the most weight?

So I'm going to go skiing in a few months... In about 5 I think. I'm 16 and ever since I was born, I've always been a heavy guy, but this season I want to change that. I'm not expecting to lose cr...

Nov 10th 2011
tomahto replied to hoytstreet's question:

Whey Protein Shakes for Breakfast- Yay or Nay?

I've been drinking a pre-made canned shake from Pure Protein that has 4 carbs and 35 grams of protein in it. it's a lifesaver in the morning when I don't have the time or energy to do anything but...

Sep 30th 2011
tomahto replied to Vtine311's blog post:

Low Carb Recipes I stumbled upon...YUM!

I just found this one, looks pretty delicious. thoughts? http://www.healthyindulgences.net/2011/08/healthy-decadent-chocolat...

Sep 27th 2011
tomahto commented on tomahto's reply:

pure protein brand: http://www.pureprotein.net/

Sep 26th 2011
tomahto replied to Fieryone's question:

Protein bars on a busy day?

I've been drinking these shakes in the a.m. because I get up really early for work (4:30 or 5) and don't have time to cook *anything* or I'll be late. also my stomach can't really handle any seri...

Sep 24th 2011
Sep 20th 2011
tomahto blogged:

going into my 10th week!

I'm entering my 10th week now and I feel great! I've gotta say I have not been completely on the wagon all the time, though I think I do pretty good for the most part. Even so, I've lost a total o...

Sep 20th 2011
Cloakraider blogged:

So here I am

I hate my body. I'm 16 and I've reached over 300 pounds. 314 to be exact. I hate myself for not being able to show the bit of self control needed to say no to that extra piece of cake. I've come t...

Aug 19th 2011

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