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Jan Stahl replied to cheatdays's question:

dexa or bod pod in seattle?

I realize this is an old question but there is currently a Bodpod available in Bellevue area of Washington. It is called Vitela Health and can be reached at bodpodbellevue.com.

Jan 29th 2014

Thanks Brenda7 I am very new to this so you feedback is greatly appreciated. I am definitely checking out your pancake recipe too

Dec 11th 2012
Tricia Villagomez asked a question:

Egg white allergies

I am allergic to egg whites, not yolk. (i know strange) what can I substitute. Thanks

Dec 10th 2012

Thanks!!! I'm so glad I found all of you

Apr 25th 2012
kimminjimmi replied to 42Wired's tip:

Slow Carb Diet FAQs

wow... thanks so much... scale and total inches stuck for last 8 days....sniff sniff. according to this I'm eating way too many beans... I hope that does the trick

Apr 25th 2012
kimminjimmi blogged:

Member intro: kimminjimmi

My very healthy stepson sent the 4 hour body book to my computer and said he believed he found "the answer " and asked me to read it. I did and I'm so excited to say that I feel fabulo...

Apr 24th 2012
jmirchel blogged:

Jacquie and Cannon

Hi im jacquie and my boyfriend is cannon we are just starting the 4 hour body diet or fun and to expriment! Cant wait!

Nov 22nd 2011

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