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Sep 17th 2015
Randy Ramzi commented on Bud's reply:

Bud do you cook the ham/sausage or whatever meat before you add it in or does it cook with the cassarole?

Sep 17th 2015
darthmarooza blogged:


Need to stop the up and down cycle and maintain some balance.

Apr 17th 2012
jdquintiii blogged:

Getting in the game...

So I've never been much of a workout guy. I was always skinny and relatively athletic through highschool (I ran track, played alot of backyard sports, and remained active), and I had a high metab...

Mar 8th 2012
Mar 7th 2012
ShinyLibrarian asked a question:

Golabki (Stuffed Cabbage Rolls)

Stuffed Cabbage is pretty close to being slow carb anyway but the rice and sugar contained in most recipes is no good. Here is my modified version! Ingredients: 2 quarts water 1 large green cab...

Oct 9th 2011
Dylan blogged:

Just started yesterday, have a question...

I was wondering how many people here are using this diet to cut some fat only. I am 6'2" around 175-180 lbs. obviously not in need of really losing weight. I do however have some stubborn ...

Sep 22nd 2011
Aug 28th 2011
ShinyLibrarian replied to InchByInch's question:

Putting on weight instead of losing it!

If you're losing inches but going up in weight then it probably IS muscle, so why is that bad? Concentrating on the number on the scale only is not a good way to go about it.

Aug 28th 2011

This is EXACTLY what happened to me. The first couple of days I had a really hard time, brain wise. I'd go somewhere to get something and forget w...

Aug 28th 2011
ShinyLibrarian replied to zannix's question:

First binge day - Is this NORMAL?

I'm pretty sure in The Book, Tim mentions that it is completely normal to gain several pounds post Cheat Day but it's mostly water weight. 48 hours post Cheat Day you should be back to normal (acc...

Aug 28th 2011
ShinyLibrarian replied to dowilliamson's question:

I'm not motivated to following the 4 Hour Body

I am/ was not motivated to do 4 Hour Body because of weight loss, I was motivated because I felt like crap. Super lethargic and depressed. I am sticking to the Slow Carb diet however because I am ...

Aug 28th 2011

I was going to say. If I couldn't have any of the fruity teas then I might go crazy!

Aug 28th 2011

No longer than 4 minutes eh? Good to know!!!! And we are fun, you should see us at Conferences!

Aug 28th 2011

Even if the teas have no calories or carbs??

Aug 27th 2011
ShinyLibrarian asked a question:


I've seen a lot of people gripe about Iced Tea being a boring SCD drink but I think the majority of people are only trying the traditional iced tea aka Black Tea. Now black tea is all well and goo...

Aug 27th 2011
ShinyLibrarian blogged:

Hey everybody!

I'm 26, a Librarian in the Detroit area and I'm looking to have a lifestyle change with my eating / living habits. The Slow Carb diet seems sustainable to me, which is most important because I'm n...

Aug 27th 2011
Jul 5th 2011
Jul 5th 2011
nick4174 commented on justin's reply:

thanks. i've been taking that amount. 2 pills in the morning (2000 mg) and 2 at night.

Jul 5th 2011
nick4174 asked a question:

Cod liver oil - How much?

Tim says you can use Carlson Super 1000mg Cod Liver Oil. How many capsules do I take in the morning and at night? The bottle says: Serving Size 1 Soft Gel 1 Soft Gel = 1000 mg

Jun 21st 2011
SteveBoogie asked a question:

Lost 42.1 lbs./6.5% BF in 1st half April. Not joking.

My beginning stats on April 1: 247.9 lbs, 31.1 BF% (high reading, bioimpedance scale), 50.2% water percentage, 77 lbs fat My stats on April 13: 205.8 lbs, 24.6% BF (high), 55.8% water, 50.6 lbs...

Apr 14th 2011

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