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David Ramsey replied to Corrie R's question:

Question about fatty meats

I love chicken thighs, I’ve been eating two a day 5 times a week, but I think the skin might be effecting my weight loss. I’m going to try pulling the skin off. maybe that will help?...

Mar 2nd 2016
Mar 2nd 2016
David Ramsey replied to Meighan Forrer's question:

quinoa - in or out?

quinoa is only allowed if your trying to gain muscle weight by lifting and have found that your not gaining. only have a small amount too.

Jan 9th 2016
David Ramsey replied to Danny Yellin's question:

What do you use in your coffee

I’m a barista so I’m very biased here. You might try high quality coffee that is a light roast. My suggestions are Intelligencia, Stumptown, Blue Bottle, La Colombe(workshop coffes) ...

Jan 9th 2016

more butter always tastes more delicious and I was doing bulletproof coffee for a while and I found more butter to work better. thoughts?

Jan 9th 2016
David Ramsey asked a question:

more butter or less in veggies?

I have a full bag of kale and a full bag of spinach every day to make sure I’m hitting all my vitimins. is it better to use more butter or less butter?

Jan 9th 2016
Jan 9th 2016
David Ramsey replied to Derrick Lloyd's question:

First timer looking for tips

get a water bottle that holds a liter of water. make sure you have at least 3 liters per day. Sticking with the diet more strickly and eating more of the foods your supposed to also helps. don...

Jan 6th 2016
David Ramsey replied to Matt Daniel's question:

occams protocol

I think the kettle bell swing are “instead”. I think the 7/f @ 5up 5 down pace is important for the increase in muscle size. Kettle bell swings are not done at that pace.

Jun 18th 2015

Thanks Jim C! All makes sense to me, and I'm glad to know you experienced the same thing.

Jan 9th 2015
Ruby Wiswall asked a question:

Aggression from too much meat?

I’m a 32 year old woman, paleo for about 5 years and decided to try the SCD and started about a week ago. I haven’t added beans yet because of my paleo background I feel nervous. So...

Jan 9th 2015

Thanks for the input, however, I fail to see how this is not following the SCD. The vegetables and protein give me about 1000 calories a day but h...

Apr 11th 2014
rugbymate663 asked a question:

My Plan So Far

Alright so this is my plan so far. I’ve been doing this for almost a week (minus the kettlebell and PAGG which I started doing 2 days ago. The rest of the diet I’ve been doing since ...

Apr 10th 2014
Tim W asked a question:

What do I have to do to justify a scone for breakfast?

The amazing scones I have for breakfast are one of the best parts of my day, and I feel like if there's a way I can keep them in, the SCD will be far more manageable. I currently work out every mo...

Oct 20th 2013
rugbymate663 asked a question:

Geek to Freak help

Alright so I want to gain mass amounts of...well...mass. Good mass. Muscle. I decided to forego the supplements due to my limited budget but I do have creatine and whey protein. I also am just...

Oct 10th 2013
rugbymate663 asked a question:

What do you think of this plan?

I want to do the freak to geek workout plan but without the supplements (college student and it's too expensive). At the same time, I also want to lose weight and I know this is a site that endor...

Sep 29th 2013
Feb 1st 2013

Sounds yummy! I will absolutely have to try this! Thank you so much!

Jan 4th 2013

Thanks so much!!

Jan 4th 2013
Amanda Tyson asked a question:

Newbie in culinary school

Hi all! I have done the slow carb diet for like 2 weeks before and did see some results, but got too frustrated because I was in school (culinary school). But now starting in the new year (Janua...

Dec 28th 2012
Chrissy Rockwell asked a question:

What do you eat when you're not hungry?

I've been struggling with forcing myself to eat and drink because I'm just not very hungry. I am getting ~10 cups of water daily I'm trying not to under eat. I have shifted my meals to be more ...

Dec 4th 2012
Ben2TheMax replied to crunchr's question:

Kettlebell Alternatives

Just to make you all feel a little better, in Cayman, a 5lb kettleball at a sports store to remain nameless is CI$55. Which is around US$80! A 35lb plate at same store is over CI$110!

Sep 13th 2012

Binny, you should read the LeanGains website ( The 16/8 method is the one developed by Martin Berkhan over at LeanGains and he ...

Aug 23rd 2012
Chrissy Rockwell asked a question:

Pork Roll yea or nay?

I know I know... "if you have to ask--don't eat it!" and it's not like I'm gagging to eat this stuff, I just noticed I had two packages of pork roll in my freezer and was curious. I...

Aug 8th 2012
Ben2TheMax replied to Nsoldiac's question:

Tomatoes ok and not carrots? Why??

Since when are carrots banned? Did I miss that? The "a bag of carrots will hit you like a donkey kick in the stomach, so don't binge" has led me to having a few if I get a little hung...

Aug 7th 2012
Ben2TheMax replied to Tyler Pedraja's question:

8-month plateau? Help me break it!

Don't be greedy, I would kill for 14% body fat, mate....

Aug 7th 2012
sufferingoptional replied to Tyler Sass's question:

Why am I not having any weight loss on the 4 hour body?

Hey Tyler! Sorry to hear it's going slowly for you. Even without portions in your meal descriptions I can tell you eat a lot of beans and meat. Meat is mostly okay as long as it's not cooked with ...

Jul 20th 2012
sufferingoptional replied to LizMir's tip:

Simple Bean Cake Recipe: Feels like cheat day!

First of all, much love to the OP for sharing an amazing recipe. This is definitely a new stable for my meal plan. And in the interest of our shared movement towards happier, healthier bodies I'd ...

Jul 20th 2012
sufferingoptional replied to maddykiedis's question:

Intermittent Fasting experience?

I think I responded to you about this very topic in a previous thread. I mentioned I was doing a 24 hour fast before my cheat day and I must say, it was pretty effective. I was out of town all wee...

Jul 16th 2012
sufferingoptional replied to Dana Reale's blog post:

Starting Tomorrow!!

That's a great question. I think it all depends on what you want to do, honestly. If you can sustain SCD and enjoy the results, continuing to do it will only compound the benefits. Once you hit yo...

Jul 16th 2012

mmmm, maddy maybe this is the key to our plateau troubles!

Jul 12th 2012
sufferingoptional replied to maddykiedis's question:

Having trouble understanding my body...

I'm in a similar position. One thing I'm trying, though you should definitely reflect and consult physicians, is intermittent fasting. There's a lot of info on here and other places about IF, but ...

Jul 12th 2012
sufferingoptional shared a tip:

Low Hanging SCD Fruit (Don't eat it!)

So I was thinking we could compile a sort-of best practices list of easy things to do that maximize fat loss during the SCD process. Please add some of your "low hanging fruit" so we can...

Jul 9th 2012

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