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OntheWagon replied to Michelle Bequette's question:

Looking for a buddy!

if you all are interested in a three way, i'd love to have some motivation! it's going to be hard to stick to this again being surrounded by friends that like to go out and have a good time eatin...

Aug 22nd 2013

Thanks for the quick response Minnesota! Is a protein shot an acceptable substitute for that 30 grams?

Jun 27th 2012
Wade Cantley replied to Dylan Tomlinson's question:

what kind of beans to buy?

My family is pretty picky but we found that lightly seasoned butter beans were pretty fantastic! If you mush them up they nearly have the same consistency as mashed potatoes with way more flavor....

Jun 27th 2012
Wade Cantley blogged:

Started my experiment last week...

My wife and I have dedicated to loose weight and we are trying hard to meet the slow carb requirements. Hardest part for me : my love affair with a certain lovely energy drink of choice. I t...

Jun 27th 2012
qmusic blogged:

Member intro: Music loving runner

I am a guitar instructor who has grown up being very active in sports all the way through college. I'm currently training for my first full marathon! I love running in my spare time and finding ne...

Jan 4th 2012
twincitiesguy blogged:

All about the science

Background in medicine, hobby of health and wellness and thanks to studying too much about 25lbs too large.

Oct 17th 2011

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