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chiphanna shared a tip:

A healthier cheat-day pizza?

I recently wrote a blog post on Domino's Gluten Free Pizza on my blog: I've been experimenting recently with eliminating glu...

May 29th 2012
chiphanna replied to Viking-in-the-Making's question:

Vitamin-rich butter fat, PROTOCOL #1

I eat a lot of butter, but mostly in the morning. Try this recipe for Bulletproof Coffee:

May 29th 2012
chiphanna blogged:

Marketing guy addicted to self-experimentation.

After reading the four hour body, I continued to test on myself more and more.

May 29th 2012
mpftw blogged:

Member intro: mpftw

Would like to be in good shape

Sep 23rd 2011
dianech replied to emwags's question:

Sugar free meringue cookies with Stevia, anyone?

From: Sugar Free Cooking with Stevia 2T nonfat powdered milk 3t stevia blend 2 egg whites, at room temp 1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar 1/4 teaspoon vanilla, to taste Mix dry ingredients together. ...

Sep 14th 2011
dianech blogged:

Sweets challenged!

I work for Stevita Co. Inc. in the U.S.A. We make our own stevia products - stevia is a natural alternative to sugar. It is from the stevia plant (native to South American countries) and has a n...

Sep 14th 2011
tyates replied to shane's question:

How did you find out about 4 Hour People?

I purchased a Nook and was looking for a book to read. I always wanted to read The 4 Hour Work Week and I stumbled upon the 4 Hour Body during my search. Strangely enough, I was on a low calorie ...

Sep 4th 2011

Laura--I stalled on slow carb but my trainer keeps saying that since i only have 10 lbs left to lose, i shouldn't expect big losses on slow carb. ...

Aug 31st 2011
texascacti replied to kurtzies's question:

Chili... For Breakfast!?

If you're in Texas, eating chili for breakfast is assumed I've actually been thinking about making up a batch with beans (used to not care for beans in my chili but am a convert now) except for t...

Aug 20th 2011
texascacti asked a question:

Bean v. Bean

I'm eating them on SCD. They are made from the beans themselves and not one of those 'black bean flavored' corn chips. I much prefer regular pinto bean and flax to the cheesed ones because I don'...

Aug 20th 2011
Aug 18th 2011

Yes, and it takes me till Wed or Thurs to lose the 4-5 cheat day lbs I gain each week...then i get back down to the -7 lbs but don't lose anymore....

Aug 10th 2011

Yeah, I'm really trying to cut the coffee additives, but it's a challenge. I think I love the taste of the coffee with the stevia ( little bit sw...

Aug 2nd 2011

oh, and i'm 34 and have 3 kids, 7, 3 and 18 mo.

Aug 1st 2011

trying to ignore that...

Aug 1st 2011

The reason i LIVE for cheat day is b/c that's the only way I can make it all week without sweets/carbs! thanks everyone!

Aug 1st 2011

Well the classes are led by a trainer and are NEVER the same, always working different muscle groups, light weights or heavy, it changes up quite ...

Aug 1st 2011
smartinez89 blogged:

Member intro: Stephanie

Hello all, I just began reading the 4HB book, I am starting the plan Tuesday. I am 21 and have tried countless diets. The only one that had been successful for me was Silm4Life last year. I drop...

Jul 28th 2011

Yes, I know I could cut those out...but at some point if it's too boring I will just give up...I just live for the cheat day now! I'm afraid I do...

Jul 28th 2011
jennyncampbell asked a question:

Not losing enought weight

Dear everyone, but especially LauraCox, PLEASE help! I did this for 90 days April-June but only lost about 8 lbs, some body fat, but I need to lost more weight. I've had 3 kids and have been doi...

Jul 27th 2011
tyates replied to Fitty's question:

Why no artificial sweetners?

Good commentary Fitty. I agree. I have not found any reason for Tim to claim that artificial sweeteners will cause and insulin spike either. I can tell you that I have lost weight using artificial...

Jul 27th 2011
bbqhamsters blogged:

Member intro: New to site, but 6 months in.

Hi I'm Harry. I'm 50 years old and last November my Dr gave me some pretty grim news regarding the overall condition of my health. My liver function was at 60%, blood sugar was high and borderline...

Jul 27th 2011
smartinez89 asked a question:

Getting Started

Hello all! I am a 21 year old female starting the SCD today. The main reason I am starting this diet is in hopes to drop around 5% body fat (and what ever pounds want to drop with it ) So far I ...

Jul 26th 2011
tyates commented on yarnphreak's reply:

YarnPhreak is correct, barring a medical procedure, we can't target where our bodies lose fat. It just happens.

Jul 21st 2011
Jul 21st 2011
tyates replied to Elizabeth Portz's question:

Confused about drinks

Tim Ferriss suggests limiting diet drinks to 12-16 oz per day because of the effects of artificial sweeteners. Drink water, unsweetened tea or unsweetened coffee. Your free to find out for yoursel...

Jul 16th 2011
tyates replied to jplang11's question:

How to fit Chipotle in this diet?

I used to get the bowls with Black Beans, Chicken, Lettuce, Mild Salsa, Fajita Veggies and Guacamole. With water it was $9 every meal. Most of these ingredients will keep for 3-4 days in the refr...

Jun 28th 2011
tyates replied to Quirky Bagzo's question:

Using kettle bells to reduce 'muffin top'

Unfortunately, despite all the advertising and books that make false claims that you can target where you lose fat, it's not possible. You can target muscle groups, but not areas of fat, the body ...

Jun 21st 2011
Jun 17th 2011
tyates commented on Mick's question:

I went to a Health Fair this past weekend and the Balance instructor claim the best ab workout for a bad back was to stand as flat as possible aga...

Jun 16th 2011
jennyncampbell asked a question:

Cheat day vs 2 cheat meals per week?

I am having trouble lasting all 6 days with no cheats (I work in a gourmet restaurant)...has anyone tried to do a cheat meal like midweek (dinner) and another cheat meal (on the regular cheat day-...

May 15th 2011
jennyncampbell asked a question:

Muscle Milk bran Protein Plus shake

I see that someone said this shake is not ok, but it is low in carbs and makes a nice "sweet" treat when I'm craving SUGAR!! it's also good in coffee. Can we get some more opinions?? ...

May 4th 2011
jennyncampbell asked a question:

Upset Stomach on Cheat Day

I'm only a month in, but EVERY cheat day--I start off with eggs and coffee. Then by dinner I can either not eat or feel really sick and have a horrible upset stomach by the night time. I take a ...

May 2nd 2011

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