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Nashviller asked a question:

how much T- bar weight is right?

What is your height/size? Just curious how much kettle weight I should be swinging on my T-bar. Im 5'10' 150 lbs. Been swinging 40 lbs, 3 sets of 20-25 reps. Gets my heart rate up but I think I...

Mar 15th 2011

I have used been using the 35 lb barrels at the y the last few times Ive been.They are rubber ones with built in handles.They actually work pretty ...

Feb 21st 2011
Nashviller asked a question:

Anybody try using dumbells vertically if you don't have a kettleball?

My Y doesn't have kettleballs, and I would make one from home depot, but do you really need to wear leather gloves with it??? I have a friend who says he does similiar exercise with a single dumb...

Feb 13th 2011
Nashviller asked a question:

Is it possible to overexert on the lifts? What kind of warmup needed?

I feel a bit odd coming in cold to do the lifts, to failure. Is it possible to get a hernia or pop a blood vessle or something? I have been G2F for about 4 weeks now, and my weights have gone wa...

Feb 12th 2011

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