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Erinn, you also mentioned balsamic vinegar, try switching to red wine vinegar instead. Balsamic is a brewed vinegar and the process creates sugars...

Mar 2nd 2013
Mar 2nd 2013
Tony Montagnino replied to Jessica Stuart's question:


Jessica, You can get them to closely resemble mashed potatoes by over cooking them and then adding a little small curd whole milk cottage cheese which is allowed in moderation. Then add some ghee...

Jan 8th 2013

If you like sauerkraut Kimichi works just as well, I like the Spicy version. My office is next to a Korean restaurant and the Chef makes it fresh ...

Jan 4th 2013
Jan 4th 2013

Wombat, sorry I missed responding to you. I looked up the ingredients in the Pareto PAGG stack so I could match it: Each capsule contains: 23 mg...

Dec 28th 2012
Tony Montagnino replied to ajhutchins's question:

Bad day snacks?

What also works well is a tablespoon of sugar free peanut butter or almond butter. Also Tim says sugar free jell-o is ok if you must have something sweet. “If that’s not enough, don’t for...

Dec 28th 2012
Tony Montagnino replied to beautiful jolie's question:

newbie help desperately needed :(

Hello Gift, Couple of suggestions. If you are struggling with portion size you can use a food tracker site. I like sparkspeople.com, it's free and it works really well. Their diet plan is low cal...

Dec 27th 2012

Hello Joan, you are right on... the idea of SCD is a life style change. Although cheat days are great and it gives us all a reason to eat junk foo...

Dec 17th 2012
Tony Montagnino replied to Stephen Rosenthal's question:

Food tracking apps

Hello Stephen, I like Sparkspeople, it's a free app and has both a web site and apps for droid, iPhone and iPad. Lots of great nutritional articles and exercise. Although the sparkspeople diet is...

Dec 3rd 2012
Tony Montagnino replied to wombat's question:

alpha lipoic acid- 200MG vs 300MG

Wombat, Here is the recommended ALA for PAGG: 215 mg of stabilized Na-R-Alpha-lipoic acid I take a 300mg version with no side effects. The book says this “Alpha-lipoic acid: 100–300 mg (I t...

Nov 30th 2012
Tony Montagnino replied to garystewart51's question:

sweet and sour stir fry?

Gary, The three top ingredients in sweet and sour stir fry chicken include brown sugar, ketchup and sweet chili sauce and then you add starch as a thickener. Non of which are SCD complient. As Br...

Nov 30th 2012

Danielle it's awesome to hear about your success. Keep going and sharing...you are an inspiration!

Nov 28th 2012
Nov 28th 2012

You can get keto sticks from your drug store or on line http://compare.ebay.com/like/190603522333?var=lv<yp=AllFixedPrice...

Nov 16th 2012
Nov 16th 2012

Pierrebuz, I agree, I don't think SCD will get you there. I was getting the brain fog issue so I went to my Dr. He gave me a blood glucose kit and...

Nov 16th 2012

Karen, Tim recommends it for short periods when over feeding and when on occam's Protocal: Tim Claims: “For those who can afford it, I believe...

Nov 15th 2012

Forgot to add, that you don't want to eat less calories! You still want to eat until you are satisfied just make up the difference with vegetables...

Nov 15th 2012

Upandunder, as others have said, cutting out the beans at dinner may help especially if you are not exercising and don't need the extra carbs. Whe...

Nov 15th 2012
Tony Montagnino replied to Karen Kennedy's question:

where do you get CQ in Canada(Ontario)?

Karen, Have tried this site? http://www.canadianprotein.com/Cissus-Quadrangularis.html

Nov 12th 2012

Hawk10, it would be easier to help if you posted your current meal plan.

Nov 12th 2012
Tony Montagnino replied to saberhack's question:

Happy cheat day!

Hello Saber, Enjoy your cheat day. Sounds great! I noticed you said breakfast is at Ihop, do you not start your cheat day with your standard SCD breakfast? If not how is that working for you?...

Nov 3rd 2012
Tony Montagnino replied to Kevin Rogers's question:

Blood thinners and vitamin K intake

Hello Kevin, Not sure how much vitamin k you can have, but here is a source of info I found that might help. http://www.vaughns-1-pagers.com/food/vitamin-k-foods.htm Best Tony M

Nov 3rd 2012
Tony Montagnino replied to Joan Good's question:

Broke my plateau!

Joan, Great to hear you were able to break your plateaue. I lost 20lbs in 9 weeks and then leveled off and have been at this same weight for several months, up and down by 1lb. It's getting frust...

Sep 22nd 2012
Tony Montagnino replied to Wendy Maldonado's question:

What is the kettlebell routine, exactly?

Tim can show you: http://4hourpeople.com/mission/187/A-B-C-of-Kettlebell-Swing-by-Tim...

Sep 19th 2012
Tony Montagnino replied to Jay Zaroda's question:

PAGG on cheat day

The book outlines PAGG as one of the 3 principles of a successful binge. Its suggested that you start your binge day with a SCD breakfast!

Sep 14th 2012
Tony Montagnino replied to Michael Amidei's question:

Peanut Butter???

If you have Trader Joe's where you live you have to try their almond butter with flax seed....awesome: http://www.traderjoes.com/fearless-flyer/article.asp?article_id=374 The only ingredients: al...

Sep 11th 2012
Tony Montagnino replied to FloridaMike's blog post:

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract

Have you tried the Yerba Matte tea that Tim talks about in his book? It's suppose to have a similar effect. Like to hear how the green coffee works for you as well.

Sep 6th 2012

Rose, how's it going? Varying you breakfast from time to time is ok, I add chicken, organic beef or ground turkey. I sauté these with a little on...

Sep 4th 2012

Sorry, here is a link: http://www.amazon.com/Beano-Dietary-Supplement-Tablets-100-Count/dp...

Sep 4th 2012

Try adding some BeanO before meals until your body adjusts.

Sep 4th 2012
Tony Montagnino replied to sabre2hopes's question:

Anyone know of a mayo without sugar / starch in it?

Mayo is easy to make. Here is a recipe: substitute white vinegar instead of lemon to go SCD http://recipes.sparkpeople.com/recipe-detail.asp?recipe=226531

Sep 4th 2012
Tony Montagnino replied to Chasidy Ochalek's blog post:

Week 3 & progression is stalling

You are not adhering to the diet as laid out. This is a slow carb plan, not a low carb. What works best is a combination of carbs and protein. 4 eggs and coffee for breakfast, which is the most im...

Aug 18th 2012

Hello Rose, here is a link to weight loss tools that might help: http://www.livestrong.com/tools/

Aug 15th 2012
Tony Montagnino replied to Kate Stubbs's question:

Almond Butter

The almond butter is not required, Tim recommends it if still feel hungry or are used to snacking late. If you can avoid it it's better. If you are feeling hungry close to bed time it's either you...

Aug 15th 2012

One other thing to look at, I like sausage and thought I could add it to my breakfast but when I started looking at the labels almost all of them ...

Aug 15th 2012

Sorry, meant CARBS ... Not Cards...they are too high in fiber.

Aug 14th 2012

I can add one other idea. Try using a food tracker for one or two weeks, like the one at sparkspeople.com. It sounds from your responses that yo...

Aug 14th 2012

Totally agree Filipn...I have changed my outlook on food. I have been on SC since April. Long way to go but I know this is how I will get in shape...

Aug 12th 2012
Tony Montagnino replied to Shannon Bennett's question:

Cheat Day Breakfast

Your cheat day breakfast meal should not vary from the rest of the week. Some folks actually say your first cheat day meal should not start until noon. So adding a croissant would not be in line ...

Aug 11th 2012

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