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Pierrebuz replied to Megan Tenney's question:

Exercises on Non-Cheat Days

While exercising any time of the week is good for you, the air squats and high intensity interval training (HIIT) recommended is specific to cheat day. The effects of this HIIT are intended to re-...

Apr 8th 2015
Pierrebuz replied to Alicia Allan's question:

one last one....

Not necessary, but keep in mind the hungrier you get the more likely you will be to make bad decisions. Also I'm not sure the effect that extended not eating has on metabolism.

Jul 30th 2013


May 13th 2013
Pierrebuz replied to Sierra Reese's question:

Lemons, Yes or no

Yes, they're fine. Tim uses them in a lot of his (slowcarb) recipes in 4 Hour Chef.

May 10th 2013
Steven Killick is doing a tutorial!

30-day Six Pack Challenge Day 10

It's Day 10 of the 30-day Six Pack Challenge, I hope you've been able to keep up! By now, you should really be starting to look & feel great and be...

Mar 9th 2013
Pierrebuz replied to jekku's question:

Is coconut cream or milk ok to eat?

If you mean coconut milk, yes but with caution that it is very caloricly dense. A little goes a long way. I use it in currys all the time. Milk is not ok.

Jan 26th 2013
Pierrebuz replied to Roberto Briancon's question:

Garlic Extract with oil soybean works in PAGG

How much mg of Alliin does it say per pill? Mine are like 4800mcg.

Jan 24th 2013
Pierrebuz replied to Melissa McDonald's question:

Super thirsty...

I was super thirsty in the first months as well... I'm not sur if I just drink more water or have gotten used to it. I still am regularly thirsty. Burning fat uses water. It's a good sign.

Jan 24th 2013
Pierrebuz replied to Pinky's question:

what is Pagg supliment?

Policosanol, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Garlic extract, Green tea extract. You take the AGG part three times a day. Morning, middle of your day sometime, and bed, and add the policosanol with the bedtime ...

Jan 23rd 2013
Pierrebuz replied to Michael Glickert's question:

Zest not allowed?

Definitely fine.

Jan 22nd 2013
Pierrebuz replied to Margarethe Albertyn's question:

Foggy on the whole "ketosis" thing...

I'm gonna paste in an old answer I gave which might help: "Technically, as soon as your body relies on fat (dietary or from your own stores) ketones are produced as a result of the different ...

Jan 19th 2013
Pierrebuz replied to Aaron Harris's question:

Can you drink your vegetables?

Gut some fats on those vegetables and your tongue will come around. Then you get the double-whammy of fiber and fat which are two of the best sating things you can eat.

Jan 16th 2013
Pierrebuz replied to Tak Soak's question:

Upset Stomach, very gassy

Get some probiotics.

Jan 16th 2013
Pierrebuz replied to FloridaMike's question:

Shirataki Noodles - SCD Friendly?

I've never heard of them before your question, so take this advice with a grain of salt. My instinct was that they aren't. But based on what I've found, there shouldn't be a problem (in fact, they...

Jan 13th 2013
Pierrebuz commented on Jenny L's reply:

Tried it last night. It was awesome. Gonna do it again tonight. My normal blender didnt work that great, but Used my cheap emulsion blender and it...

Jan 10th 2013
Pierrebuz replied to Brenda Bello's question:

Is the use of PAGG / other supplements sustainable long term?

After a while, I found the ALA gave me heartburn / really hurt. I have acid reflux / stomach acid problems to start with though. But keep it in mind.

Jan 10th 2013
Jan 10th 2013
Pierrebuz commented on Jenny L's reply:

That sounds really good. I like the butter beans addition. Do you need some $500 can-chop-through-diamonds vitamax, or will my Walmart blender do?...

Jan 8th 2013
Pierrebuz voted for Jenny L's reply to:
Jan 8th 2013

The Occams section says just eat like crazy (like 4000 calories a day). He recommends slow carb + some sort of simple carb like pasta or rice. And...

Jan 6th 2013

I never realized they had so much sugar until now. Good call. Luckily I don't have them often. Mind you: I've never noticed a stall on them either...

Jan 6th 2013
Jan 6th 2013
Pierrebuz commented on beaujac's reply:


Jan 6th 2013
Pierrebuz commented on beaujac's reply:

Google ""

Jan 6th 2013
Pierrebuz commented on s joshua's reply:

^^ Agreed. Lard is probably more healthy than margarine. It's a saturated fat, but so is the fat of every animal you eat. And also your own fat y...

Dec 29th 2012
Dec 28th 2012
Pierrebuz replied to jhowes84's question:

Occam's - BF% and waist cm went UP! Help please!

What you're (were) probably seeing is the results of Glutamine and Creatine. Creatine in particular. One of it's main functions is to re-hydrate muscle cells. Apparently, there's a ratio of 2 or 3...

Dec 28th 2012

I just checked your link. They have a glycemic load of 0.

Dec 21st 2012
Pierrebuz replied to Nsoldiac's question:

Tomatoes ok and not carrots? Why??

Wasn't all he saying that eating a lot of carrots make you feel like you got kicked in the gut by a horse? Seriously, there is absolutely no reason not to eat them (other than the above).

Dec 21st 2012

Start by getting your veggies going. Almost anything tastes good in it: Cauliflower, carrots, cut green beans. Onions, peppers are nearly essenti...

Dec 21st 2012
Dec 20th 2012
Pierrebuz replied to Jessica Key's question:

Meal Ideas

- I've found a good canned lentil soup and a good black bean soup. Take the time to read the ingredients and find a good one and make it a staple. Always a good fall back meal because it doesn't e...

Dec 20th 2012
Pierrebuz replied to Erin Dunn's question:

SCD healthy in long run?

What we *know* it does that's good for you: - decreases body fat - we know that being overweight and especially visceral fat (not the stuff that pads your skin, but the stuff between your organs,...

Dec 16th 2012
Pierrebuz replied to Bluezen1014's question:

What's the difference between the Atkins Diet & Slow Carb? Atkins with cheat days is a cyclical ketogenic diet. Atkins does allow carbs, but only a limited daily amount (otherwise all veggies would be o...

Dec 16th 2012
Dec 13th 2012
Pierrebuz replied to Jose Angel's question:

I Have Sinned

Congrats on losing what you have so far! There was 6 weeks where I started a new job and was staying with family until I found a place and took possession of it. They are vegetarians and breads,...

Dec 13th 2012

I should mention: 'this diet' means the Occams specific, high calorie diet for bulking up.

Dec 12th 2012

Cool. I checked it out. Don't blame yourself for gaining some fat, I think it's inevitable on this diet (and a lot of body building). There is bul...

Dec 12th 2012
Pierrebuz replied to Jim Scotson's question:

Any Occam's Experts out there?

I'm just starting it too and am wondering the same thing. My understanding is occams workout without the diet won't build the same sort mass--at least not as quickly. but with diet you gain fat. ...

Dec 11th 2012
Pierrebuz replied to eighdrose's question:

how do i cook 4hb food without lots of time?

Once a week I make what can only be described as chili in its final state, but its base is taco seasoned beef. 2-3 lbs of beef 3-4 big onions diced (looks like a lot but it will reduce) 3-4 bell ...

Dec 11th 2012

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