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Are you waking up and consuming 30 grams of protein in your first half hour of the day? (Ferris says an hour is okay, but when I do it (proetien sh...

Jul 26th 2015

So, during your fasting, do you drink water?

Sep 29th 2013
Aug 26th 2013
L.Starr blogged:

Losing Lace!

I'm a single, young mother, full time nursing student and protect life's for a living. I've lost 100 lbs so far and need to get the last 70 off! I'm starting the 4 Hour Body and hope to find the r...

Jun 17th 2012
sdclyde blogged:

Member intro: Steve

Male; 63; 6'; 194 lbs; just celebrated 44th year of marriage; two adult children (son and daughter); three grandchildren (all girls); goals: super health (as confirmed by a "gold-standard&quo...

Apr 28th 2012
Ads blogged:

Hey everyone

5'11, 216lbs...Trying to get down to 200lbs and maybe more.

Feb 27th 2012
boneyendoplasm asked a question:

6 months of SCD, 7 weeks of exercise

So I've slowly been adding exercise to my regimen. In the first picture, this is me in August 2011: [img][/img] The second picture is me this morn...

Feb 25th 2012
boneyendoplasm blogged:

Consistency Is King

Just a guy trying everything out to see what works, and what doesn't.

Feb 25th 2012

a good portion size for a meal is about the size of your palm. though i just buy lunch meat and portion it out how it's recommended on the packagi...

Jul 17th 2011
rdmdragoon blogged:

Looking to turn my life around lazily as possible

Hi there! My name is Ryan and I got Tim's book for Christmas this past year and finally started implementing it about a month ago. My starting weight was 269 and this past Sunday I was at my lowes...

Jul 17th 2011

ohh ok

Jul 15th 2011
MGiron commented on Christian's reply:

how much is 200 oz?

Jul 15th 2011
MGiron asked a question:

ARTICLE: WHY Water is bad for you WAT DO YOU GUYS THINK?

Jul 14th 2011
Jul 11th 2011
MGiron asked a question:

Pagg after eating?

If I skipped pagg before the meal should I eat it after? or is it too late already? thanks

Jul 9th 2011
chasethompson asked a question:

Member intro: Hi!

Hi, My name is Chase Thompson. My wife and I are having our first baby in Nov, so I want to get back in shape before that hectic time comes. Is there a resource in here that has some meal plan i...

Jul 8th 2011
MGiron commented on Rano_pano's reply:

you mean the garlic pill right? break it in half

Jul 7th 2011

Very well said @tea. I've been trying to change my family's eating habits. My dad is down around 20 pounds since he learned that it is not that ha...

Jul 7th 2011
MGiron asked a question:


haha Did it get your attention? I bought all 4 ingredients at my local GNC store and I Don't know if they are the correct ones or how much I should take of each. I'm 17, 6'1". The Garlic is...

Jul 7th 2011
Jul 7th 2011
MGiron asked a question:

PAGG Kills!!!

haha Did it get your attention? I bought all 4 ingredients at my local GNC store and I Don't know if they are the correct ones or how much I should take of each. I'm 17, 6'1". alpha-Lipoic...

Jul 6th 2011
MGiron commented on LauraCox's reply:

okay you anything about PAGG on this diet. I just bought all the pills but don't know how to use it

Jul 6th 2011
Jul 6th 2011
MGiron asked a question:

TIP: Carb Chart!!!

Follow these links! Its really HELPFUL!!!!

Jul 5th 2011
MGiron asked a question:


How many eggs are u suppose to eat in the morning? I eat 5 whole eggs, however the book says i should add some whites? thanks

Jul 5th 2011
MGiron commented on mustangmae's reply:

are there going to be any more days added to this?

Jul 2nd 2011
MGiron asked a question:

six pack cheat day?

If i'm on the six pack ab challenge should I still get my whole cheat day? or do i have to follow exactly what it says there?

Jun 25th 2011
MGiron commented on Minnesota's reply:

My meals are actually pretty big man....I follow what it says "Eat as much as you want of the allowed foods". I'm following the six pac...

Jun 25th 2011
MGiron asked a question:

Just Can't lose weight!!!

Why is it that I'm following the diet and I still can't lose body fat!! EVeryone thinks that I'm actually getting FATTER!! How is that possible?!

Jun 25th 2011
MGiron commented on s joshua's reply:

Should I keep on with my cheat day on saturday? or should I constitute the bread sticks as if that small meal was my cheat day??

Jun 24th 2011
MGiron voted for s joshua's reply to:
Jun 24th 2011
MGiron asked a question:

Random eating

Every time I go out I tell myself I will keep eating right...however today I ate like 4 breadsticks at Olive Garden. Is this going to backtrack me a lot? I'm doing the six pack month plan here in ...

Jun 24th 2011
MGiron commented on bnekic's reply:

yea that is the one i many times do you take it in a day?

Jun 24th 2011
MGiron asked a question:

optimum nutrition Whey Protein

IS this okay to drink on morning and during the day?

Jun 23rd 2011

you can buy the stevia extract from vitamin shoppe....its a substitution for sugar

Jun 22nd 2011
Jun 22nd 2011
MGiron asked a question:

Slow Carb Diet with restaurants

I usually MUST go to a corner store to buy 2 tacos in the morning of Wednesday and Sunday. They are usually 1 flour tortilla with bacon and egg taco and 1 flour tortilla with egg and dried meat ...

Jun 22nd 2011
MGiron asked a question:

Is almond milk allowed on 4HB diet?

doesn't it say that you shouldn't eat milk??

Jun 22nd 2011
MGiron commented on ShawnC's reply:

thanks man...its been pretty hard for me to keep on this diet...Today I again broke it by eating taco bell

Jun 16th 2011
MGiron asked a question:


okay so I go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week. They do not have kettlebells and I'm wondering what exercises I could do without overtraining. I do not know wether to do my regular routine or change ...

Jun 15th 2011
MGiron replied to salvame's question:

Before and After. About 45 Days Slow Carb Diet.

YO man first off CONGRATS!! Really good progress. When you worked out at the gym, did you work out like the book says? or did you just follow a regular routine? Please share your routine at the ...

Jun 14th 2011
MGiron asked a question:

4 weeks in :(

I have been in this diet 4 weeks and tomorrow is my cheat day. However, for some reason I'm not going down in weight or inches. After the 4th week, my weight is increasing and my inches are as wel...

Apr 25th 2011
MGiron asked a question:

Carb, Protein, Fat ratio

I want to know what the percent is in this diet. Is it 10% carb, 60% protein, 30% fat??? thanks

Apr 21st 2011

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