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csnewdayyesterday replied to John Whitworth's question:

Break after 8 weeks???

My opinion is that unless you read it in the book I wouldn’t do it. If people do as advised in 4HB on cheat day then I don’t know why anyone feels the need for a break or change in pro...

May 29th 2015

This was my day in day out eating. Breakfast: 2 jumbo eggs scrambled, a serving of deli turkey, half a cup of beans Lunches 1 & 2: 1 Cup blac...

May 29th 2015

I would avoid any commercially processed sausage/pattie products as mentioned above. Cottage Cheese is allowed but you still have to be careful wit...

May 29th 2015
csnewdayyesterday replied to Madelyn Boudreaux's question:

Not getting 1200 calories / day

Have you had your body comp accurately measured? 1000 calories a day might not be as low as you think. The 2000 cal recomendation that we all grew up reading on the back of cereal boxes was based ...

May 29th 2015
csnewdayyesterday replied to LauraCox's question:

TIP: Avoid whey protein when burning fat!

Personally I still don’t understand why people resort to this except for emergencies. 2 jumbo eggs 1 serving of sliced turkey is around 30 grams of protien right there and is not that much f...

May 29th 2015
csnewdayyesterday replied to AJ McMath's question:

Eat every 4 hours?

Occational devieations aren’t going to damn you, but day in day out you should be eating four meals spaced roughly four hours apart. Tim suggests several convienient “emergancy meals&#...

May 29th 2015
csnewdayyesterday replied to LoLo's question:

Do you have any fast food Slow Carb solutions?

A great option (and cheap during lunch hours) are any of the chain buffet places. If you are drinking water you can make it out of there for less then six bucks at Ryan’s or Home Style. Thei...

Sep 11th 2014

A great option (and cheap during lunch hours) are any of the chain buffet places. If you are drinking water you can make it out of there for less t...

Sep 11th 2014
csnewdayyesterday replied to Leigh Penzhorn's question:

Please urgently help...cheat day problems!!

Personally I found that 2-3 times my weekly cals made for the optimal cheat day load. I don’t worry about going over it but I don’t try to. So my weekday fuelings amount to 1500ish cal...

Sep 10th 2014
csnewdayyesterday replied to imghtbewrng's question:

Confused about exercise

What Tim is getting at in the book is that weight loss and fitness are separate goals. You can reach your weight loss goals without a lick of exercise and you can reach your fitness goals without ...

Mar 1st 2013
Don Rush replied to Liz Allen's question:

Am I the only Wine-O?

Yessir! Wine-o is divine-o! I will always be a beer guy, which is why the SCD is a bit of a bummer. My buddy (who is also doing SCD) and I brew beer, and once a week we would have him over for d...

Mar 1st 2013
Don Rush replied to Erinn Shaver's question:

Third week, little change. HELP, feeling discouraged

Hey! I'm approaching my third Faturday, too! Get out of your head and just focus on how good you're going to feel down the road. Trust the science, and I'll do the same. I don't know if it will...

Mar 1st 2013
Don Rush blogged:

3rd Faturday around the corner

Well, I think I'm doing all right. I hope I am, anyway... Week 1 was great. I dropped 8 lbs, and I was militant that week. Cold showers, cold water after waking, strict food choices. My first Fat...

Mar 1st 2013
Don Rush asked a question:

Karli!? Howdy!

Karli, I was reading a post reply from you, and the little icon of your face looked SOOO damn familiar. We're Facebook friends, but that doesn't mean much these days when it comes to actually reme...

Feb 16th 2013

Gotta love Ramsey! Brilliant technique. I'm switching from my skillet to the saucepan. However, as far as noise, I'm trying to avoid too many uten...

Feb 15th 2013
Don Rush blogged:

First Week (+2)

"Want to lose weight with me without exercising?" "Hell yeah! But where exactly do we GET a tapeworm?" My smartass reply to my buddy's text was my first introduction to 4HB a...

Feb 15th 2013
Don Rush replied to Drewfis H's tip:

Half Year Mark! Time for a week off!

Well done, man! Tomorrow's my fifth day, then I cheat on Faturday! I already dropped 7 lbs, and aside from a hungry first couple of days, I feel like I'm settling into a nice zone. Reading posts l...

Feb 15th 2013

Thanks, all! I drank more water with a couple of Advil, and it went away. Maybe just a normal headache that just coincided with the start of the S...

Feb 15th 2013
Don Rush asked a question:

Quiet breakfast tips?

All, I have a 19-month old toddler who will wake up at the slightest sound in the morning. I've been trying to throw together a strong SCD breakfast, but there are just so many things happening in...

Feb 15th 2013
Don Rush asked a question:

Ice water? Or just cold water?

Okay folks, this may seem like a stupid question, or nitpicky, but if I consume ice water immediately upon waking (and 20 minutes prior to breakfast), just how cold does it have to be? Reason I a...

Feb 15th 2013
Don Rush asked a question:

Slight headache and sore?

I've been on the SCD for 3 days, and so far I am not having any problems. I'm sticking to the book, and looking forward to my first Faturday this weekend. I noticed last night (and a bit this mo...

Feb 11th 2013
csnewdayyesterday replied to Christian Tambo Holm's question:

Bad beans or no beans?

I, too, say just rinse and eat the beans. Very little besides water makes it past the skin of the bean so virtually all the added sugar is in the sauce. Drain and rinse thoroughly (which you sho...

Jan 25th 2013
csnewdayyesterday replied to Andrew Blacker's question:

Male. 4 Weeks. 10 Pounds. Need Help.

As long as you are not getting hungry enough that you are tempted to eat off script and you have enough energy to get through your day, then you are eating enough. As far as blueman's well intend...

Oct 12th 2012
csnewdayyesterday replied to Marina Cesar's question:

Hard time with breakfast.

If one is not hungry after 8 hours of sleep it is usually because of eating to close to bed time or having heavy starches at dinner. Since I assume you are not doing the second perhaps you are do...

Oct 9th 2012
csnewdayyesterday replied to Stephen Bidgood's question:

Anybody stop eating beans/legumes?

Ok, in no particular order. Medifast is based on a protocol for super morbidly obese people who are in dire need of surgery that cannot be performed without them losing a LOT of weight. That is t...

Sep 21st 2012
csnewdayyesterday replied to mkr6taclai's question:

GOOD NEWS...I know now why No weight/fat loss :)

I notice that cheat day was brought up. An insufficient jump in calories on my cheat days was my big stumbling block in the beginning. The general rule I go by is that your cheat day should be b...

Sep 18th 2012
csnewdayyesterday replied to Nicole Pape's question:

Maintenance mode with SCD

I have done this myself. My advice would be. Continue to eat a high protein breakfast, watch your calories, continue to shun sugary drinks, try to make sure to stick with higher fiber carbs (Bar...

Sep 18th 2012

Many of you better places will also offer daikon wrap. Daikon is a sort of radish.

Sep 18th 2012
csnewdayyesterday replied to Kathy Kolarik's question:

4 weeks in and no change

Posting your typical menu for the day (or even better the week) would help people to better give you advise. It is one thing for people to know what you know, another for them to know what you do...

Sep 17th 2012

Store bought chili is *!@#. Make your own, it isn't rocket surgery. As far as the protein powder goes. The dairy problem - the one that Tim poi...

Sep 12th 2012

Chocolate that is pure cacao has no sugar. As noted it does have plenty of fiber.

Aug 31st 2012
csnewdayyesterday replied to Serkan Atila's question:

Cold Showers!!

I take cold showers exclusively, except when showering with my other half. Still haven't been able to convert her. Start off with lukewarm water and turn down the hot as quick as you can. Stepp...

Aug 31st 2012

That is 13g per serving for canned tuna. 2 servings per can

Aug 31st 2012
csnewdayyesterday replied to Merry Popkins's question:

The amazing cold showers ...

Also they do wonders for your energy bills. A big chunk of your electric/gas bill goes to heating water if your house/apartment is equipped with a tank water heater. If you take cold showers you...

Aug 31st 2012
csnewdayyesterday replied to Eric I's tip:

I'm finding a new doctor

A lot of doctor's brains ossify at med school graduation. Personally I don't like to see a GP over the age of 40. -Chris

Aug 31st 2012

He couldn't find it because of the omission of -un in the original posters story. He had written "monosaturated" rather than "mono...

Aug 31st 2012

Here is my view on whey. If you hold to the theory that all cheese should be avoided based on the insulin reaction found in the study that Tim ci...

Aug 6th 2012

About the only sweets I have on my cheat day are two big ass cheese danish for my second breakfast. My big cheat day craving is just plain old st...

Aug 4th 2012
csnewdayyesterday shared a tip:

Why many here are wrong about cheese....and why they are right

I have noticed a lot of questions around here regarding cheese and most of the forum gurus advising people to avoid cheese. Now I agree with their conclusion but wanted to point out that the reas...

Jul 15th 2012
riegerjm asked a question:

cheat day question

is it acceptable to have two cheat meals over the week instead of a whole cheat day? just curious because sometimes my schedule requires work dinners. it would be easier to just have the two dinne...

Jun 8th 2012

thanks! i think i need to increase the veggies...

Jun 2nd 2012
riegerjm commented on Jake's reply:

thank you jake... i will try increasing my veggies. i think i skimp on them when my fridge gets low.

Jun 2nd 2012
Jun 2nd 2012

that sounds great! I would be interested in a recipe... you don't even need to convert from metric as I have metric measuring spoons and cups in m...

Jun 2nd 2012
Jun 2nd 2012
riegerjm asked a question:

bread substitute

beyond a kale or lettuce leaf, does anyone have a suggestion for a good bread substitute. i often need to eat on the go and would love to wrap my eggs or beans in some kind of wrap. is there a goo...

Jun 2nd 2012

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