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Eva Lotte replied to Tony Bittick's question:

Eating and Cheating on Type 2 Diabetes

Hi Tony, I’m in the early stages of developping diabetes and my doctor isn’t thrilled with the idea of a cheat day either. I don’t have to take insulin, but have to watch my diet...

May 10th 2015
Eva Lotte commented on Tomhole's reply:

Thank you, bnz99 and Tom, oooops, forgot to give my age: I'm 46, bodyshape is more on the obese side. My daily calorie intake is around 1800, so I...

Feb 1st 2014
Eva Lotte asked a question:

Doc says I can't have cheatday anymore, I seem to be developing diabetes

Hi there, I just came back from a visit with my doctor, and my blood tests show signs of early diabetes. I'm in shock, as my sugar levels and especially my triglyceride are higher now than they we...

Feb 1st 2014
Eva Lotte commented on Tomhole's reply:

Tom, would you please tell me how much calories I should eat? I'm female, 5.2 ft., 198 lbs. Thank you in advance!

Feb 1st 2014
Eva Lotte voted for Tomhole's reply to:
Feb 1st 2014
Dec 28th 2013
Eva Lotte replied to Gretchen Linden's tip:

I now have 100 lbs off!!!!!!!!!!

So good to see you again! Best wishes!!!

Dec 18th 2013
Eva Lotte commented on G G's reply:

Just don't add salt to the water, or else they don't get soft! The lentil mash also tastes great with some sauted onions and tomatos, or with curr...

Dec 5th 2013
Eva Lotte commented on G G's reply:

I see no beans or lentils in your diet. Is that intended? My personal experiences of going without legumes are rather negative - loss of energy a...

Dec 3rd 2013

I've incorporated some high- fat milk-products into my diet, like a spoonful of parmesan cheese or two spoonfuls of cream with vegetables without...

Nov 30th 2013
Nov 26th 2013
Nov 25th 2013
Eva Lotte replied to Nwunye Mb.'s blog post:

Just wanna share a little :)

Yay! Isn't it wonderful to not being hungry all the time?!!!!!!!!!!!! To be able to eat your fill without a bad conscience? I love SCD! (7 months and going strong!)

Nov 15th 2013

Don't worry, enjoy your food, pamper yourself, and get well real soon!!!

Nov 13th 2013

Coconut milk sadly doesn't work for me when I eat it together with lentils, causing weight stall. It's ok in combination with meat only and a some...

Nov 7th 2013
Oct 20th 2013
Oct 18th 2013
Eva Lotte replied to Tomhole's question:

BMI says I'm overweight

"Think for yourself and question authority" Timothy Leary

Oct 18th 2013

Very important information here, thank you!

Oct 17th 2013

I like gin&diet tonic, too! I'm doubtful about the dry port, personally I'd save it for cheat day. Or you could experiment with it, if you dri...

Oct 14th 2013
Eva Lotte replied to Jessi's question:

Beginner: any tips?

My advice is to never go hungry, especially during the first weeks. After a while you will lose your appetite mostly. If / whenever the carbs of the other family members tempt you: eat your own ca...

Oct 13th 2013
Eva Lotte replied to Bryony Doran's question:


Any form of straight alcohol works for me, whiskey, rum, wodka whatever.... As long as you don't mix it with juice or other other sugared liquids. It actually works better for me than red wine. P...

Oct 13th 2013
Eva Lotte commented on Tomhole's reply:

Thanks, Tom! Money is very tight at the moment, so I'm looking for a size I can use for a longer time. Kettle bells are on sale at the moment, I'l...

Oct 3rd 2013

Thank you! Yes, I think I'll be hellova sore!!!!

Oct 1st 2013
Eva Lotte asked a question:

Kettle bells - what size/weight for a beginner?

Hi all you sportive people! I've been doing SCD for almost 6 months now and as I'm feeling a lot better, I would like to start some training with kettle bells. Can somebody give me a hint as to wh...

Oct 1st 2013
Eva Lotte replied to R B's question:

Gained weight. I don't understand what is wrong.

You might be / have become allergic to pork. This messes with your hormones and influences fat burning processes. How about switching to beef, fish etc. for some weeks and see how it goes?

Sep 29th 2013
Sep 28th 2013
Sep 19th 2013
Sep 13th 2013
Eva Lotte replied to Tanner Hoplock's question:

7 Months Progress

Great progress! So impressive!!!!!! I totally agree with what you said about food allergies, the same happened to me with eggs and meat. It's advisable to have a wide variety of different foods.

Sep 13th 2013
Sep 13th 2013

Welcome aboard! I felt the same during the first week, it'll pass!

Sep 11th 2013
Sep 6th 2013
Eva Lotte commented on Tomhole's reply:

Filled out or filled in? I mean, they got rounder. Sorry, English isn't my first language.

Aug 29th 2013
Eva Lotte commented on Tomhole's reply:

From previous experience with weight loss I can tell you that in the months and even years to come, you may find that your body rearranges the fat...

Aug 29th 2013
Eva Lotte replied to Drea's blog post: I am...hi.

Looking forward to hearing more from you!

Aug 27th 2013
Aug 27th 2013

You were giving Richard Gere a run for his money!

Aug 25th 2013
Aug 25th 2013
Eva Lotte replied to Tillyander Moore's question:

Critique my diet?

I'd suggest Tamari sauce instead of ordinary soy sauce. Soy sauce contains some sugar and wheat, Tamari (Japanese soy sauce) doesn't. Welcome back!

Aug 23rd 2013

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