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Mar 6th 2012
Pfleg asked a question:

Problems? Pitfalls? Progress? Props?

Hi there, Team. How's everyone doing? I just started about a week and a half ago. So far, so good! I lost almost seven total inches in one week, believe it or not. Does that sound normal? I always...

Feb 23rd 2012
Pfleg replied to danielheneghan's blog post:

Hi, I'm danielheneghan

Well said, sir. Must be a Daniel thing. Sincerely, Daniel P.S. Wish you all the best on 4HB

Feb 23rd 2012
Pfleg commented on Beorn86's reply:

Thanks, Beorn. Is your name Beorn or do you love bears, and/or The Hobbit? Thanks for putting me on your team. What should I do to be a good team ...

Feb 23rd 2012
Pfleg blogged:

Hellooooooo 4HB people!

Who, me? I'm just a nature lovin', pickle eatin', barefoot walkin', song singin', spirit talkin', good vibe sendin', thanksgivin', soul machine. I study Chinese medicine, I love to help people, ...

Feb 23rd 2012
kmmover50 blogged:

Member intro: Over 50 guy

Used to work out religiously, but life circumstances have taken over my regimen. Now I am about 50 lbs overweight and diabetic. I'm looking for a sustainable change in my diet to help me take of...

Nov 11th 2011
badwing asked a question:

Member intro: Hi all...

Just a new member saying hi...

Aug 2nd 2011

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