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no worries mate. I think it's time I post a motivational update soon. Hint: I'm still at it and have been for almost 4 years now.

Dec 11th 2015

I also would say focus on fat loss and not weight loss. I found the first few weeks on the diet I gained muscle and my body composition changed dra...

Mar 30th 2015
Sonic Debate replied to locarb4health's question:

Women and the 4 Hour Body

I am a 42 year old woman and had brilliant success with 4HB in 2013 and lost a total of 14kg on it effortlessly at a rate of 0.8kg per week. I stopped due to a crisis and didn’t go back on i...

Mar 30th 2015
Alan Chapman replied to JoyMc's tip:

Tip: Reclaim your Palette from the Food Industry

Nicely put, one of the best things about being on SCD is I can taste again! I didn't even know I had lost it, until it came back. I now enjoy my simple food more than ever.

May 22nd 2013
Quinton Fraser replied to Merri's question:

Skipping the Scale Today. How often do you check your weight?

G'day Merri, I've weighed myself everyday since I started SCD just over 3 weeks ago with my "official" weighing day being Saturday morning before I start cheat day. Because my daily die...

May 7th 2013

Google this... Human Skeletal Muscle Mitochondrial Uncoupling Is Associated With Cold Induced Adaptive Thermogenesis You can easily find the stud...

Apr 28th 2013
Quinton Fraser asked a question:

Cold exposure advice

G'day All, I've been on the SCD for 2 weeks now and just begun my second cheat day The most interesting part of 4HB to me was the "Ice age" chapter and I'm interested to hear what peo...

Apr 27th 2013
Alan Chapman replied to Carlos J. Alfonso's question:

high protein bread?

Lentil hash browns I make a batch of these at a time. Mash up lentils and onion, garlic, herbs and I love to add chili Mix with egg white, make in to patties and fry, they can be a crumbly with no...

Apr 22nd 2013
Alan Chapman replied to Alexander's question:

Mental control to simply remain adequate

It took me 8 cheat days to stop doing that, I just can't eat so much crap now.

Apr 18th 2013
Alan Chapman replied to Conzz's question:

Beating the Gut - How Did it Work for You?

I lost 5.5 ins around the middle, in five weeks then no change for the last 4 weeks I think my body is just re adjusting and will start shedding again soon. stick with it for life. Cheers

Apr 15th 2013
Alan Chapman replied to Tillyander Moore's question:

Whole egg mayonnaise?

Just check the sugar almost all mayo in the shops have a ton of it. you can make your own. Note low fat mayo means high sugar, it's crazy they drop the oil/fat and add sugar and sell it as "h...

Apr 11th 2013
Apr 8th 2013
Apr 8th 2013
Alan Chapman replied to briz_in_japan's question:

Post Cheat Day Hangover feeling...

Had the same thing after Easter had loads of chocolate, felt like I had a bad hangover most of the next day, I'll drink more water next cheat day.

Apr 2nd 2013

I'm a slug with out some beans in the morning

Mar 29th 2013
Mar 29th 2013
Alan Chapman replied to Aysegul Jones's question:

Is Flexseed muffin okay for SCD?

Hi Aysegul It took me about 2 weeks to get over the sugar cravings they were bad, my body was just detoxing. After 2 big cheat days with tons of sugar/chocolate, I was over it. I still have a smal...

Mar 29th 2013
Mar 22nd 2013
Alan Chapman replied to Mike Anthony's question:

JUMPED into a bag of chips...

Did you eat the mouse? it's low carb! My cravings stopped after 6 weeks, they were bad for the first few weeks. Now everything can wait until pig out day. Wine did help and being busy, I just do...

Mar 21st 2013
Alan Chapman replied to Lori M's question:

week 2, still have the cheat day weight.....yikes!

Just like December.t.jones same wait or a little more by Wednesday but always down by the time cheat days comes round, then I go nuts, chocolate, chips, beer and ice cream and that’s just for b...

Mar 14th 2013
Nov 7th 2012
Dragonfly asked a question:

Pros and Cons of Daily weigh-ins

I actually don't think there are any cons. I am a con-vert. I'm fairly certain I had PTS disorder associated with getting on the scales and so I was only doing it at the end of the week then mont...

Sep 11th 2012
Sep 7th 2012

Yes!- the fructose is a deliberate ingredient in Melaluca vitamins- I think all up it was about 300mg between 3 vitamins, which is less then an ap...

Sep 6th 2012
Dragonfly asked a question:

Check your vitamins!

I'm really ashamed to say I started gaining weight after a good first week on SCD. I stopped taking my normal supplements and starting loosing again. On closer inspection I learned my Calcium tab...

Sep 6th 2012
Sep 2nd 2012
Aug 28th 2012

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