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Kathleen Christian asked a question:

Why am I shaky and dizzy?

I've been on the diet 10 days and I'm 13 pounds down (I play roller derby, which help with weight loss). I'm 5'6'' and currently 184 lbs. I have been eating the same "3 minute breakfast&quo...

Aug 16th 2012
Jul 18th 2012
lynnprice replied to Sam Theman's question:

Cissus and or pagg giving you body odor?

Yes yes yes and yes. I'm taking PAGG and I think the night time pill is the worst. I don't know if it stops as I've only been taking it for about 2 weeks now. Husband doesn't complain about 'th...

Jul 11th 2012
Jul 11th 2012
lynnprice replied to Joel Dennis's blog post:

I like black coffee now!

Oh I wish I could say I like black coffee. It's a chore to choke down in the morning but I gotta do something to keep the demons at bay. It's truly best for everyone here in the office. I'm dow...

Jul 11th 2012
lynnprice replied to Senshin's tip:

An alternative to Chipotle...

I really wish we had a Whole Foods here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Whenever we travel out of town we always try to hit up a WF's. Especially if it's a free day! You can really do well with just th...

Jul 11th 2012
Jul 6th 2012

Those are great words to me today. I have only been through one cheat day and it was horrible. I felt like crap that day, totally like crap the ...

Jun 28th 2012
Jun 28th 2012

About 15 years ago, we threw an awesome 50th wedding anniversary party for my grandparents. The's the most amazing thing I've e...

Jun 28th 2012
lynnprice replied to shrinkingleon's blog post:

My 2-Year Journey on the Four-Hour Body

Wow!!! You seriously look 30 years younger. Good for you! Slow and Steady!!! You have really inspired me to keep looking at this as a life journey not a quick fix. Thank you for sharing!

Jun 22nd 2012
lynnprice asked a question:

Is anyone taking metformin while doing 4h?

Hi all! I'm not diabetic but I do suffer from PCOS and I take the metformin to help with my higher insulin levels. Just wanting to see if anyone else out there is taking it. Thanks!!!

Jun 20th 2012
docspaugh replied to MKrick's question:

100 lbs in 208 days.

Awesome!!! Keep it up!

Jul 16th 2011
docspaugh replied to airdoza's question:

Hamstring & Back problems

You might have tight fascia that is limiting your ability to effectively stretch your hamstrings. The fascia is the covering over the muscle (picture the membrane on the back of a rack of ribs th...

Jul 16th 2011
docspaugh replied to Nolan2332's question:

What's the best medicine for an awful heel spur?

In addition to the golf ball/tennis ball rolling technique, you need to stretch out the tight plantar fascia that is causing the heel spur to begin with, as well as your calf muscles (the gastrocn...

Jul 16th 2011
docspaugh replied to justhamade's question:

Intermittent Fasting Schedule

Justin, If you are looking for a group that combines IF and muscle building, check out; it was created by John Barban and Brad Pilon (of Eat Stop Eat). There are blog posts w...

Jul 16th 2011
docspaugh replied to JoeScro's question:

Combining Supplements?

CLA is just a free fatty acid, typically found in red meat, so there shouldn't be any problem combining it with other supplements. The only people who need to monitor their intake of CLA are thos...

Jul 16th 2011
docspaugh replied to jonlarsen002's question:

Reconciling 4HB with Intermittant Fasting

I've been practicing intermittent fasting ala Eat Stop Eat now for almost 2 years. I read 4HB two weeks ago and started implementing the slow carb strategies in my non-fasting days and my fat los...

Jul 16th 2011
docspaugh blogged:

Member intro: Loving this!

Female, 36 yrs old, down 10 lbs in 2 weeks, and down 2 inches around my waist. Soooo much more energy!

Jul 16th 2011

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